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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

All For One – Season 2 – Episode 5

Season 2

Episode 2(Continuation)

Gerald jolts out of his thoughts, on how he first fucked Loveth at the club. He feels her clit swell and gets harder. Before she can say anything, she squirts in his face as her orgasm washes over her. He stands up and carries her.

“Your bedroom,” he says.

She points to the stairs. He carries her up there and wait for further instructions.

Within seconds, she’s lying in the middle of her bed. Minutes feels like hours from the many orgasms she had.

“Oh God,” she cries out.

She’s trying to crawl away, but Gerald has a tight grip on her waist. His tongue travels all over her pussy and ass. His face is deep, tasting her juices and teasing her clit. Her body is shaking uncontrollably, but he continues tasting her.

He wants to give her lots of pleasure. He stops and stares at her smiling. His mouth cover in her juices.

“Where do you think, you’re going? I’m far from done with you,” he tells her and then goes back to feasting on her.

Her nails dig into his head as she does her best to get away.

The pleasure is too much for her. Her thighs keep shaking. Still holding her waist, he moves on top of her and enters her balls deep.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she screams.

Gerald‘s smile is huge. He has never been with a woman whose passion is as intense as his. He takes his hands into hers and move them over her head. He kisses her hard and passionately feeding her juices off his tongue. He works his hips slowly.

Pulling himself out until the tip of his cockis only inside and then slide back inside her hitting her cervix.

Gerald, you’re on my spot. Oh God, please don’t stop,” she tells him.

“I won’t honey,” he tells her.

She tightens her hands on his as she lifts her legs high in the air thrusting her hips in the same intensity as his. She starts squeezing his cock which causes him to quiver.

No baby, you’re not being fair,” he says as his head rests on her shoulder.

She squeezes him again as a fresh amount of her juices flow from her body. He moans loudly as he speeds up his thrusting. Her body responds to the fast thrusting as she moans louder. He’s ready to fill her pussy with his hot load as he kisses and nibbles on her neck and shoulder.

“Fuck Loveth, I’m cumming,” he calls out.

She continues to work her hips having him deeper as she too joins him in orgasmic paradise.

Heavy breathing, moans, groans and trembling bodies as their orgasm subsides. They kiss.

Wow, that was amazing,” he says after catching his breath.

She chuckles.

“Yes, it was. I’m glad you came over,” she tells him.

“I’m planning to be with you as often as you allow me.”

He rolls off her and pulls her in his arms. She snuggles closer and sighs.

“We should take a shower so I could make us breakfast,” she says.

His eyes pop open and he stares at her.

“You’re cooking breakfast. Good , I hit the jackpot with you,” he says as he kisses her lips before getting out the bed.



Season 2

Episode 5

Two and a half weeks ago, Linda left for the Netherlands for a 5weeks long business trip. She was excited for the adventure. After two weeks in the Netherlands, her boss asked her to return home to take care of some important business at home. She decided to surprise Scott. Assuming Scott had spontaneously decided to go out with his coworker Mandy , Linda decided to drive through town down the main strip of restaurants.

As she was driving, she spotted Scottwalking into a restaurant with someone she didn’t recognize, another woman. He had mentioned a new coworker. Scott, the other day, but Linda assumed it was a guy, since they worked for a construction and maintenance company. Maybe he was just showing her around?

Maybe she was new to town and he didn’t want her to be alone?

Linda pulled into an empty parking spot across the street from the restaurant.Something didn’t feel right. Should she call him? Text him? Or should she march right up to him and see what his reaction is?

She sat in the car, watching him and this mysterious woman through the window. Her stomach felt odd when a large bottle of red wine arrived at their table. This woman was pretty, a tight but classy dress, simple heels. Linda could perceive the attraction between Mandy and her husband.

Then Scott pulled a small box from his jacket. Linda quickly pulled out her phone and started to record a video. He opened the box, and it looked like an engagement ring box.

The Mandy gasped and took the box, brought a golden necklace with diamond locket. Linda couldn’t watch anymore. She started to sob, shaking with anger and heartbreak. How could Scott have hidden this woman from her for long enough to flaunt their relationship in the public, shameless man!

Linda drove home, and decided to wait for Scott to return before saying anything.

Finally, around 7:30, Linda saw headlights swing through the trees that surrounded their house, concealing it from the street. She heard the car door slam a few minutes later, the door open..

Scott Apartment

Scott rushes into his houses, he call out….

Linda? Are you home?” He sounded out of breath.

“I’m upstairs,” Linda replied. She somehow managed to keep her voice steady, but she was shaking.

She had packed a bag with essentials for him to take. She was getting ready to kick to quarrel with him.

She heard Scott run up the stairs, heard him coming down the hall, and then he opened the door. He looked excited, so happy to see her. But his face fell as soon as he took a look at her, and noticed the suitcase with his clothing sitting on the bed.

“What…Linda, darling, what’s wrong?” Linda started to cry, she couldn’t help it.

“Why have I been a fool for this long, I saw you with a lady at the restaurant today. How dare you cheat on me!” She played the video to him on her phone. Scott beams as he brought another box of jewelry, open it, gave it to her.

“I wasn’t cheating on you, she is the online trader of the jewelry, we happened to meet there. All this while she has made delivery of all the jewelry I have bought for you. She just has to wear it, for me to see how beautiful it is”….Linda’s shoulders drops and felt remorseful…..

Am so sorry honey”…Scott walks up to her, raise her chin with his hand, wipe her tears and nibble a kiss on her lips, motion her to a mirror and wears her the necklace

“Welcome home sweet heart”.

“ Thank you, it’s beautiful. I should have trusted you”. Scott said to himself “Thank God I bought two boxes of jewelry. That was close”. Scott cuddle Linda from behind….


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