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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

All For One – Season 2 – Episode 3

Season 2

Episode 3

Club (Flash back)

Let me tell you how Gerald met Loveth. Two night ago at the club….

Tonight at the club, Loveth was just dancing with other girls as I usually start out the night with. She was wearing a pink top with a jean skirt on, already a few drinks down when she see a handsome man(Gerald) standing off to the side, a beer in hand alongside Scott who is talking with the bartender, as Gerald watching everyone dancing. She continued to keep her gaze on him as she danced with other girls, waiting for the moment he made eye contact with her.

When he finally made eye contact with her, she bit my lip, grabbing onto her friend, sheturned myself around and started grinding on her friend, not breaking eye contact with the Gerald. He chuckles upon seeing herteasing to him as her friend started grabbing onto Loveth hips as they danced.

It didn’t take long for her friend to get tired and decided to go get another drink, that’s when Loveth confidence rose and she walked over to Gerald. He raised a brow as she stood in front of him, her alcohol clearly talking for her as she said,

“Hey handsome, looking for some fun?”

Gerald beams seductively at Loveth, as he winks at her

We had locked ourselves in the bathroom, he had her pushed against the door as his lips pressed roughly against mine, we panted into each other’s mouth as our kiss got more desperate, our hands started to explore each other’s body, my hand sneaking down above his crotch, gently pressing some pressure against it, causing him to moan softly into my mouth.

I chuckled in response, continuing to rub against his clothed cock as his hands fell onto my clothed breasts, he squeezed them as we kissed, our hands extra grabby, making sure to feel each other well.

I broke the kiss to reach down, pushing my panties down from my skirt, then reached for the mans jeans, quickly unzipping them and reaching into his boxers, he gasped from the sudden touch of my hand, his cock ached hardly in my hand, he twitched when

I started jerking him off inside his boxers.

I went back to kissing him, panting into his mouth, “Do you have a condom..?”

He nodded, reaching into his back pocket he pulled out the rubber package, I quickly pulled his cock out of his boxers, then retrieved the condom from him. Gently I tore it open, he watched with curious eyes as I rolled the condom onto his aching cock. He panted with each touch I gave, I loved a sensitive man. I loved a responsive man.

I made sure the condom was on well then gently guided my leg up, latching it around his side. He swallowed as I reached down and grabbed onto his hard cock before guiding it to my wet pussy.


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