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All For One – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 8]

All for one

All for one

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: All For One

Episodes: 8

Category: Romance

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Season 2

Episode 1

Scott turned off all the lights except several desk lamps to set the mood. I looked out the window for her arrival and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her drive up.

I was naked except for my socks, the tile floor was cold. When she opened the office door she called out for me. I stepped out of the shadows in my suit and approached her. She didn’t say a word. She dropped her bag at the door and we stepped into each other’s arms.

The kiss was phenomenal. Something we’ve been wanting for a long time.

Mandy put her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her waist. Needless to say I was getting hard.

She thrust her pelvis against me in approval on my hardness. I caressed her ass and she caressed mine. She moaned as she felt my cock.

We finally broke our kiss, looked into each others eyes and she said

“you’re crazy waiting here like this, what if Diane (my boss) came in.”

I said “I was looking out the window so I know it was you.”

We started kissing again but this time I started caressing her breasts.  I pulled the shoulder straps down to just below the elbows trapping her arms to the side of her body. I kissed her neck, her ears, worked my way to the center of her chest, to one nipple and then the other.

All this while still standing by the front door after she closed it. She moaned with each kiss, she thrust her pelvis out even further.

She finally got her arms free grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down. I know what she wanted, what she needed, what she craved for. I got on my knees, I pulled down the bottoms along with her panties and was greeted with a wonderfully shaved pussy. Hmmm, my favorite.

I absolutely enjoy a clean shaved pussy. She spread her legs as far as the material from the pants would allow. My lips were all over her pussy lips, kissing, tasting, smelling it. Now I know why she went home. It was to prepare herself for this encounter.

Mandy grabbed the back of my head and the words that escaped from her mouth were inaudible. My head was buried between her legs.

I finally got her to pull her leggings off as well as her sneakers. Her legs were rubbery from the orgasms that she had. There were at least five that I can remember and they were strong. Since we were in the reception area of the office I sat her down on a chair, spread her legs over the arms rests and held her legs as wide as possible.

She got the idea and scooted to the edge of the chair, threw her head back and bit down on her knuckles. I love oral sex and I was in heaven. I was on my knees giving my co-worker, the woman that reminded of my wife, a wonderful tongue lashing.

I found her clit and the contractions were out of this world. I later found out that her boyfriend had not given her any oral in over a year. What a pity because she tasted wonderful.

When I finally stood up she was able to see and appreciate my hard-on. I also keep myself shaved so I had no pubic hair, balls were nice and smooth. She liked this and licked my balls and worked her way up to the head of my now super hard dick. I’m not here to brag but I do have a nice 9 inch dick and it’s thick. Michele could barely get it in her mouth.

After a few minutes of getting it licked I positioned myself to enter her pussy. She scooted back into position and I slowly entered her until I hit bottom. The expression on her face was priceless.

She whispered something but I did not understand it. I bent down kissed her and began giving a good slow fucking. I felt those contractions and the moans were a great turn on. I sped up and we both knew where this was leading to.

I exploded with a great moan into her mouth. She had her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck in a serious hold. It was fantastic… we cleaned up or rather I cleaned up. She said she wanted my seed in her all night long. We smiled, kissed and locked up the office for the night.


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