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All For One – Season 1 – Episode 9 [Completed]

Season 1

Episode 9

Six months later

Scott’s office

I had been alone for about a three months and living on my own with a few sex partners but that’s another story. Linda my wife, who works for a multinational oil firm, was sent to the Netherlands. Mandy was my co-worker and at first I did not get along with her.  

Mandy had transferred to our office from another office of the same company. She was promoted as the office manager. She was not my boss but we had to interact often. Like I said before we did not get along.

Then it dawned on me why.

She reminded a lot of my wife(Linda). Her walk, her clothing style, mannerisms, even the way she laughed. Gush…!

When I realized this, things began to change between her and I. I admitted my feelings to her and she understood. So we made a truce to start all over and we did.

A few months later she had significant problems in her relationship and she confided in me about them.

To make a long story short Mandy and I got to talking about sex, how often we would get it and if it was good with our partners. She admitted that sex for her was not going well. Her boyfriend doesn’t have time for her.

In looking at Mandy she was tall, with a perfectly shaped ass and nice round breasts. She had beautiful eyes and was well spoken. I had to admit I was attracted to her even though she reminded of my wife.

On several occasions Mandy and I would work late with no one else in the office. I was very respectful to her and never made any advances towards her. One Monday evening she asked if I was working late the next day. I said that I was.

We made it a point to meet in the office if no one else was around. We already knew what we wanted. Unfortunately Tuesday came by and several workers had decided to work late so those plans went out the window.

Wednesday was not any better. Her boss was hanging around the office for too long. Now the anticipation was getting to us both. We went out to get lunch and you could cut the tension with a knife. We brushed against each other on more than one occasion.

Then it happened everyone left early I was in the office with her and our co-worker who was leaving soon. Mandy came to me and said she had to go home but would be back in about an hour. I said I would wait for her. She left and so did our co-worker.

Forty minutes later she called. I was waiting to see if she would cancel. She said no she was on her way and wanted to make sure I was there otherwise she would go to the city center. Oh no was waiting on her. She hung up and I had a smile.

I took this opportunity to wash up as best as I could. I did not want to be all sweaty in our first experience. I had a tooth brush, toothpaste in my desk, combed my hair and used soap to wash my intimate parts. Then I had a thought…I would be naked when she arrived. Our office was on the second floor of row of office buildings. I could see her when she arrived and that’s just what I did.


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