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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

All For One – Season 1 – Episode 8

Season 1

Episode 8

Gerald slid my hand across the back of her neck, turned my mouth and began kissing her. I slid my hand further up and grasped her hair, pulling her back to look me in the eyes. I didn’t say a word. I began pulling my hand downwards, moving her head lower. She sank down to her knees, kneeling before my hard dick.

She gently lifted the dick and ran her tongue across my balls and up the shaft. She swirled her tongue across the head and drew it into her mouth, sealing her lips around my shaft and tasting my pre-cum.

She moved her head up and down, sliding my dick across her lips.

I pulled in out of her mouth, creating a popping sound as her suction breaks.

I looked down at her while maintaining my grasp of her hair. I held her firm as I slid my hardened cock across her lips, cheeks, and face; leaving a shiny trail of pre-cum everywhere my cock touched. Once I was done spreading my cum across her beautiful face, I pushed my dick back into her mouth. I held her there as I thrust my dick back and forth in her mouth, starting into her eyes.

In and out. In and out. I had developed a rhythm and was approaching my climax when the door handle turned and I felt a weight pushing against me to open the door. I stayed where I was and asked who it was. It was a bartender in the club.

Apparently we had been in the bathroom 35 minutes and they felt the need to check on me, along with the multiple people waiting for the bathroom. I slowly began rocking my dick back and forth into her mouth as I explained to the bartender that I was ok but my friend was throwing up near the trash can. I told him that she was ok and that we would be out when I got her “presentable.”

The door shut and she started laughing. I slowed her laughing by sliding my still hard cock back into her mouth. I thrust back and forth a couple of times before I pulled out and wiped the mixture of her saliva and my pre-cum across her lips and face again.

I told her we needed to go somewhere else so that we could finish.

She reached down and grabbed her discarded clothes as she stood up. She took her underwear and as she leaned over to put them on I put one hand on her back, keeping her bent over while I reached my other hand between her legs. I aggressively rubbed her clit with my fingers before sliding down and thrusting them into her still dripping pussy.

I quickly moved them back and forth until she started rocking her body towards me, moaning out while trying to get my fingers deeper into her.

She was on the edge of her orgasm when I pulled my fingers out before she came. I wiped my soaking wet fingers across her ass cheeks. I raised my hand and spanked her, telling her she needed to hurry up because I was tired of waiting on her.

We got dressed and departed the bathroom. We walked towards the door, getting stares from the people in the club. Me smiling…for what was about to happen when we got to where we were going. She was smiling as well…the same thoughts in her mind. But she had forgotten about the glaze of pre-cum that had been spread across her lips, cheeks, and face; which was still there for everyone to see.


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