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All For One – Season 1 – Episode 6

Season 1

Episode 6

Gerald pulled his fingers out of her and she looked confused, a trail of wetness still connected. I held my hand inches from her. She understood.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” she cried as she put her hand back over her head.

I drew my hand back and spanked her inner thigh, “Spread them again.”

She opened her legs up and I drew back, spanking her some more as I heard her moans continue.

I began to gently caress her. I placed my fingers back inside of her, spreading her wetness, bringing her back to that edge.

“Don’t move.”

I pulled my hand away and kneeled down, becoming eye level with her beautiful, wet pussy. I smiled to myself, knowing it was driving her mad not being able to touch and seeing the looked in her eyes when she disobeyed.

I moved my mouth towards her and heard her moan. Such an eager woman. I placed my fingers at the edge of her lips and spread them apart, opening her up to my gaze. I drew back and spit on her pussy, an unnecessary act but desired.

As soon as the spit hit her sweet pussy, I drew my mouth forward, latching onto her clit and vigorously thrusting two fingers inside of her. Sucking…nibbling…in…out, repeatedly. I keep my movements quick and determined; eager for my prize of her orgasm.

The moaning continual, only pausing for her panting for breath.

I stopped as soon as her hands slid across my shoulders. I pulled my mouth away, staying close enough that she couldn’t see my smile. She immediately knew, drawing her arms back above her head while still trying to buck her hips to my mouth.

“Gush, I’m sorry, I was… please don’t stop. I was so close. I was almost there.”

I stood up and glared at her with a strong look of disappointment on my face.

“You were doing so well. You were being a good girl and following the rules. Then you decided to go for it like they no longer applied?”

“No, I’m sorry. I want to keep being a good girl. I can listen. I was so close. I can listen,” she begged, needing her release.

I grabbed her hip and rolled her over, facing the door. I pulled her back to me and pushed down on her back, bending her downward.

“Put your hands on the door. Don’t move them.”

I started spanking her repeatedly across both cheeks, a small punishment for not playing by the rules.


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