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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

All For One – Season 1 – Episode 5

Season 1

Episode 5

Back to Gerald and Rose

They began walking towards the door, my hand on the small of her back. To my right, I saw a man come out of the bathroom, leaving the bathroom vacant. It spawned an idea. I smirked and grabbed her shirt, pulling her into the bathroom with me.

I shut the door and pushed her against it. The mutual desire in our bodies was clear.

We were in a place of primal lust, one thing on our mind. I started kissing her, moving from her mouth to her neck.

She reached down and began to unbuckle my pants, preparing to pull out the hardened dick she’d awoken.

I grabbed both of her wrists, moved them above her head, pinning them against the door.

“Leave them there. Don’t move them or I will quit this game.”

She whimpered, “I want to play this game but I need to feel you.”

I put my hand around her throat and pushed against her chin, turning her head away from me and exposing her neck.

“I said if you want to play then you need to be a good girl and follow the instructions.”

I placed my mouth back on her neck, biting.

She moaned and I pressed against her, grinding my dick back into her desire. I grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up her body and off of her. I grabbed both straps of her bra and pulled them down her shoulders, exposing her voluptuous breasts and hardened nipples.

I pressed my lips around her nipple, sucking in her flesh while nibbling at the tip. She took her hand and wrapped it around the back of my head, attempting to draw me deeper into her breast. I released her breast and pulled away.

“Fuck, why did you stop? Put your mouth back on it, please!”

“You don’t remember your instruction?”

“I’m sorry, I do. I’ll listen,” she said as she moved her hand away.

I grabbed her wrist and placed it back above her head.

“Right here. Nowhere else, you understand?”

She nodded as she looked into my eyes, pleading for me to continue. I returned to her nipple, dragging her breast away from her with my teeth, listening to her moans. I reached down and unbuttoned her pants, sliding the palm of my hand against her stomach downward to her wet pussy.

I returned my indeed finger between her lips, lubricating it with her juice before gliding it across her clit. As I reached her clit, she drew in her breath and arched her body forward.

I rubbed across her clit a few times, listening to the moans she was making. Then I pulled my hand out, grabbed the edge of her pants on her hips, and pulled them down. She stood there, exposed, with the smell of her arousal slowly filling the room.

“Spread your legs.” I told her. “Wider than that.”

I started kissing her neck again as I slid my hand back down her body, planning my thumb on her clit and two fingers inside her soft, wet pussy. I began firmly rubbing circles around the clit and sliding my fingers in and out, in and out. She reached down and grabbed my arm, trying to press it closer to her sex.

She began moaning, “this is what I wanted. Oh my God, this is…I needed this.”


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