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All For One – Season 1 – Episode 3

Season 1

Episode 3

Back to the club

A warm hand shake between them. They both had a couple drinks, standing at the bar, talking about ourselves. Gerald explaining the feeling of being out of place. She was telling me about the challenges of trying to have a good time nowadays, not looking for anything specific but not wanting to deal with the drunk guys her age.

We had fun talking, the young lady trying to have fun without a drunk guy, and Gerald is having an enjoyable conversation with a beautiful woman.

A few drinks, turned into a few more. The 10 minute conversation turned into an hour. Smiling and laughing, telling jokes.

After awhile, a song came on. A decent song that I actually knew.

“I know this song, finally,” I laughed.

“Good, because I love this song,” she winked.

She took a step back and started swaying her hips, gliding to the rhythm. Each move she made, every curve drew his stare. He followed her body up, looking into her eyes, catching her stare. She smiled at me, lowered her eyes and stepped towards me.

He placed his hand on her hip and slid it around to the top of the curve of her ass, pulling her in closer to him.

We were moving in one motion, with our foreheads together, staring at each other.

The undeniable heat in the club. He licked her lips, pushed her hips forward, and slowly started grinding against his crotch. He pushed back into her, pressing my hard cock against her, showing her the results of her moves.

She lifted her head up and pressed her sweet lips to mine. He returned, sliding his tongue into her mouth. They kissed for a while, grinding to the song. We were alone in the crowd, just us. He began to smile as he slid his other hand around her waist, moved it lower and grabbed her ass.

She quit kissing me and leaned toward my ear.

“You have me so wet right now. I want you to touch me. I need you to touch me.”

He turned his head and placed his mouth on her neck, right below the ear. She started saying something, he either didn’t hear or didn’t care at the time.

“Oh Gush, feel me, please touch me.”

He slid his hand into the back of her pants, moving his finger gently inside her panties, between her cheeks, and started playing with her delicate hole.

“Ugh, I didn’t know you were going to…oh,” she moaned.

She reached her hand down to the front of his pants, pressing her palm against his hard dick, causing him to groan. She massaged it through the front of his pants, pulsing her grip. She then slid her hand up and started trying to unbuckle my belt.

“You need to act right young lady,” He whispered in her ear, “We can’t do this here, we need to go somewhere.”


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