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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

All For One – Season 1 – Episode 2

Season 1

Episode 2

Scott apartment

Linda (Scott’s wife) went upstairs to the bathroom and started the shower. The bathroom had a door into the hall and another into their bedroom. It is a fancy bathroom.

While the shower warmed up, she went into her room and took her clothes off. First her sweatshirt, no bra she was at home.

She caught herself in the mirror. Her hair went past her shoulders and there was a lot of it. It was wavy and thick.

She had tied it up in a bun, while she was cooking. So she let it down.

She had that waxed off whenever it started to fill in. But her boobs, those were her selling point. At twenty six, they were still pretty firm and held their own. Her nipples were thick and very very sensitive. Just the cool air had made them rock hard.

Well it wasn’t just the air that made them hard. She was pretty turned on. She had been very horny all day.

She ran her fingers down her smooth mound and lightly rubbed her clit.

“No.” If she started now, she’d still be on that bed rubbing herself when her husband got home. She headed for the shower.

She turned on the lights. She caught herself sliding her finger toward her clit.

No. Not until later. She had decided it was time to have a child. She hadn’t used the pill in three months. Scott didn’t know. He wanted kids too, but she wanted to surprise him.

Tonight he was going to get very lucky. She had already picked out the panties she was going to wear.  That was all she would be wearing to dinner tonight.

And she heard footsteps on the stairs. He was home way earlier than she thought he will be home. She’d better get moving.

She took her favorite her bath & body vanilla coconut wash and started lathering up.

She felt the door open more than she heard it. The cold draft raised goose bumps on her back. Then it closed. She knew he was there.

“Got out early?” No reply.

“He better not be in a pissy mood. I need him focused tonight.” She thought

She heard his belt jingling, then a zipper. They don’t tell you about this sexy aspect of marriage, listening to your husband pee while you took a shower. To her surprise, she heard him take off his shirt and drop it on the floor.

Then the lights went out. Oh my. This is different.

“Hey, I kind of need a shower.”

His only response was to pull back the curtain and step in behind her.

Her next thought was

“Maybe this won’t be such a bad way to start the evening”

He took the loofah from her hand, and started to scrub her back. A little firmer than usual, but it was making her skin tingle. He loofahed her from her neck to her ankles and everywhere in between. HIs soapy hand spread her ass and started massaging her asshole.

“Oh my.” That was a place he hadn’t explored in a long time. She was really starting to enjoy this shower.

He reached up and took the shower head and started rinsing her off. Then took the bottle of conditioner and stared rubbing the  oil conditioner into her hair.

He was so gentle, yet firm rubbing her hair and her scalp. Then he took her hair in one hand and pulled it all over her left shoulder.


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