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Aliyah – S01 E31


I stood up and made to go to the living room as I heard people talking. I guess it might be the police or joe’s men. My phone rang. Stanley. I guess they’ve reached there. I answered the call.

I couldn’t really comprehend what I heard. I was really confused. Stanley never makes mistakes. No. Bella?

I held my head with both hands. I could swear i was having headache. Headache is an understatement. I’m going mad. I took my drugs and lay still.

Emily. I stood up and went to her room. She was still sobbing. Emily really likes that idiot. I’m sure it’s her.

“Emily” I called.


“Sorry dear. Erm, did you… Sorry, I mean did you see them carry Bella away?”

“Yes mum”

“Are you sure it’s her?” I asked.

“Yes, mum. We went together. She…”

“It’s okay dear. It’s okay.” I cut in, patting her softly.

I stood up and went over to my room. I got in and closed the door. I don’t just understand anything.

“Did those boys dropped her halfway and took someone else? I… I’m…. God! Bella is getting me mad!” I soliloquize.

“Chris! Where did that fool go to?” I reached for my phone and dialed his number.

“Chris, where are you!?… She’s there… Don’t mess things up, you’re not supposed to come out of there and go in there anyhow, people might get suspicious… Go there now. You need to check something…now!” I dropped my phone and hissed.

“Let this be over. You’ll join her. Fool!” I cursed.


I hurriedly rushed my food. I couldn’t tell if I was scared or nervous. I finished my food and rushed out after paying my bills.

I called Fred, the guy I Gave a duplicate of the gate key. He’s my cover. I don’t trust Sophia, she might fuvk me up. And that idiot was a fool to had collected my phone. Does he think I’m with only a phone? Thanks to fred.

“Guy, how far?… The package don arrive… No, I dey on my way… I go chop… Na only three men dey there o including their boss…. Check the location, i don text you…. Immediately I flash you, just enter… Okay na… No yawa” I ended the call and smiled. I loosed my trouser and put the phone in my inner shot.

I had even thought they’d be more than ten but just three men. I looked around to be sure no one was looking. I entered and locked the gate behind me. I turned and saw two cars. I looked around and saw two guys smoking. They were looking at me. I haven’t seen these faces when I first came. Hope it’s not that they’re more than three?

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“I’m chris.” I said as I moved closer. They nodded and puffed a smoke. I tried not to cough and entered.

The door opened before I could reach for the handle and four boys came out. My heart skipped. How would I call Fred to update him now. I wondered as I walked in to the room.

I got in and stared in shock. Bella hands was tied and her mouths was cellophaned, so she couldn’t make noise. A guy stood in front of her smiling and trying to unbuckle his belt. I knew what he was trying to do. My blood boiled instantly. Shot of electric waves ran through my veins. A jealous guy can relate. I rushed forward and pushed him away with force.

The guy fell down. He wasn’t expecting it. Bella mumbled some sounds, she was trying to say something but could not as her mouth was shut. I stared at the guy as he stood up. His eyes were bloodshot.

“You dey mad. Who be you?” He asked in pidgin.

Before I could think of replying, I saw him rushed forward and I quickly moved sideways and kicked him in his tummy. He groaned in pain, kneeling down.

“He’s not even up to my match” I thought as he groaned.

He stood up and from nowhere, I saw a small sized knife with him. Fear gripped me. I moved backward and calculating my every step. He smiled wickedly, pointing the knife at me. I stopped as I had already reached the wall.

“Why you stop? You for enter wall now. Your papa. Who you be?” He spat angrily in pidgin.

“Guy, chill first. We can…”

I couldn’t complete my statement as he charged forward. I didn’t know how I did it but I knew I bent down and rolled.

I immediately stood up surprised at my move. I looked at him and he had this frustrated look on his face. This guy really wants to kill me. Don’t he know I’m part of them. He charged forward again and rolled me on the floor. I held his hand up as he tried to bring the knife down to my chest. We both groan. His breath stinks with alcohol odour. I used my knee to kick him in his butt and I swear it had an effect on him. He rolled away and I quickly got up.

He came forward again, moving towards me. This time around, he increased his pace. My leg hit something. I looked down and saw it was a wood. An hard one. I quickly grabbed it from the floor and before he could reach me. I waved it at him.

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I gasped in fear. I had killed someone. I dropped the wood and ran forward to Bella. The guy had bend low, dodging the attack and the wood hit Bella on her head.

I ran forward and shook her. She seemed to be lifeless. Her eyes was closed and it seems she was unconscious.

“Bella, wake up” I said, pulling her up with the chair as she had fell to the ground.

I felt something cold behind my neck. I froze and looked up but it wasn’t the guy I was fighting with cause he was right in front of me.

“What happened?” The voice behind me asked and I recognized it. Their leader.

“She’s unconscious” I answered not looking back.

“How did she go unconscious?” The guy asked, seems more like he screamed.

The guy explained to him all what happened.

“Let’s get her to the hospital before Sophia finds out we did something to her.” I said, still on my knees.

He laughed hilariously. It seem to me like he was crying, not laughter. What’s funny in what I said? I thought.

“Sophia? Yes, true. It will hurt her if she finds out we did something to her cause she needs to finish her off by herself” He said. He had point the gun away from my neck now.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“She’s still going to die, soon or later” He said.


I was restless. My blood pressure had suddenly increased. I worked out my memory, searching through it to check if I’ve offended someone. No, I haven’t. This situation is one of the things that hinders me to join politics.

I don’t want anyone around me to get harmed. I prayed secretly for Joe to find Bella safe and sound. He’s my only hope now.

And her mom, what will I tell her? Her daughter have been with me for the past two months and she’s unaware. But wait? Is she unaware of it? What’s happening? Was I so happy and selfish that I didn’t bring myself to notice that her mother didn’t come for her or heard in any news that she’s missing?

I stood up and paced around in the living room with different thoughts racing through my mind and different questions coming forward. I was really confused. Her mom ought to have call when I sent my boys to pick her up. She didn’t. Maybe she doesn’t have my number anymore. No. I haven’t changed my line ever since. It’s her who changed number.

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God! I sighed deeply, tears in my eyes. I’m sure her mother knows she’s here. If she didn’t, I know my wife, she would have announced her. No, maybe she thinks she’s still in school. Yes, maybe. But, they are on strike and.. Oh my God! I’m done for. Had I known, I wouldn’t have bring her to my side and left her with her mom.

My phone rang and I quickly checked who it was hoping it was Joe. I stared at the number again, this number had been calling since yesterday ever since I was in a meeting.

I ignored it and continued swimming in my pool of thought. If it’s money they want, they should call. The kidnappers should call. I’ll give them more. Even if it’s my life, i would lay it down for my daughter. The tears dropped from my face.

My phone rang again. Who’s this, God? Who’s this? I took my phone and answered It.

“Hello, please…” I wanted to say but stopped as the voice I heard sounds familiar.

“Richard, I’m sorry…. I’m sorry” The voice said from the other side. The voice was shaky and it seems the person had been crying or something. Perhaps, it’s my mind who’s playing stuff.

“Who are you… Your”

“Richard, I’m really sorry… I…I’m sorry…. I’ve been calling since yesterday. My… Our daughter is in coma” The voice said sniffing.

I stood up in shock. Now I get it, I know who’s talking. My wife, it’s Helen. My body trembled. I was totally lost.

“Wh.. Whi.. Which child Helen?” I stuttered.

“Bella of course… How many did I have for you? It’s Bella. Bella has been in coma for two months now and just yesterday she was conscious and the doctor says needs blood. My blood doesn’t match hers. Richard help me. Save my daughter.” She said, wailing out loud that her cry almost deafened my ear.

My phone dropped from my hand. I felt like

I was alone in this world. I felt dizzy all of a sudden and slumped on the sofa.

“C.. Co…Coma. Two months?” I stammered.



I’m coming. I’m also feeling dizzy. Joe is on duty with the police trying to find Bella. Aliyah is unconscious now. Chris knows Sophia would harm Bella. No, kill Bella. What’s his own plan? Chief knows now but what’s going to happen? Sophia is confused. Your likes and comment to unlock the next episode. I want to goan sleep .

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