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Aliyah – S01 E29


My alarm rang. I hit it and it stopped ringing. I was just too lazy to open my eyes. I had the whole night planning. I wouldn’t want any fuvk up, of course. Who would?

Few hours later, my phone rang bringing me back to reality from the dreamland.

“Oh My God!” I exclaimed as I checked the time. I couldn’t believe I had slept so long. Just an hour to noon. Today’s gonna be stressful. I thought as I stood up and stretched my body.

I brushed and dressed up. I went to the living room. Thank God today’s Sunday. Some maids and guards aren’t around since yesterday except the cook and the cleaner with few guards.

I knocked on the door. I repeated it but still, there was no answer. They can sleep till God says stop. I opened the door and saw them sleeping.

I woke Emily up by tapping her. She was the one I needed. I tapped her a bit hard this time around but she just turned around.

“C’mon baby.” I said, sitting on the bed.

“Mummmmy” She dragged sleepily.

“C’mon, you’ve got to take your bath, so, you would go quick with your big sis to the supermarket” I said.

“Oh! Mom… But it’s too early” She said, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands.

“No. You guys slept late, it’s almost after 11”

“Oh! Really mom?” She said, surprised.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Okay. I’ll get prepared”

“That’s my dear. Meet me In my room when you’re through” I said and kissed her forehead before leaving.

“It’s gonna workout” I thought, smiling.

“Hello Stan… I slept off… Now?… No

.. Just getting ready… Chill…. Okay.” I ended the call.

His men were already in our estate. I placed a call to Chris. I told him to get ready to go to the location I’ll text him. That’s where we’ll keep her.

Few hours later, Emily entered. I smiled and gave her thirty thousand naira.

“Here. You guys should buy fruit and some juice”

“Fruit and juice? But when last i checked, there’s…”

“Emily! I’m your mother. Obey every instructions I give you. You don’t know what i want to use those stuff for. I’m not consuming it.” I said angrily.

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She stared at me shocked and bowed her head. “I’m sorry” She apologized.

“Okay. Okay. It’s okay. I’m not mad at you. You know I love you dear.”

“I love you too”

“Okay. So, go to your sis room and tell her to drive you there.”

“Have you told her yourself?”

“No. Just tell her you want to get something from the supermarket and since there’s no driver around, she should drive you there.” “She’s nice” I added.

“What if she haven’t learn how to drive?”

“Oh God! At Least, she now knows how to”

“Okay. Mom. Lemme go check her”

“Okay dear. And, don’t bother to come here if she agrees to, just go.”

“Okay mum” She said and went out.

I smiled as she went out, praying the b—h agrees to drive my daughter to the supermarket. Drive? It’s just some minutes drive. They would be waiting for her already, few meters away.

I waited patiently for my daughter to come in, even though I prayed secretly that she won’t. Few minutes later, I walked to the balcony. Her car was still in the compound.

I ignored the call coming in as I was so anxious. I made to go back in when I heard Emily’s voice. I grinned happily as I saw them walk out, towards her car.

I watched but was surprised when I saw them take one of chief’s car and drove out. I quickly called Stan to tell his men they took another car with them and gave them the car description.

I called Chris few minutes later if he’d arrive at the location where I gave him. He answered no, that he’s still almost there. I ended the call and hissed. “Walking to his grave” I muttered.

Few minutes later, i heard the gate open after a car horned.

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“Are they back so quick or what?” I asked myself and hurriedly went down the living room. The door opened and they entered smiling. I stared in shock. I wasn’t expecting them, not so soon.

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I checked the message she sent. The location. I forwarded it to someone. I had my own plan. I’ll make away with everything. I don’t trust her. I sat up straight, took a deep breath. I took the key to the gate she gave me and put it in my pocket. I had made duplicate of it and gave someone. I Looked around if I’m missing something, then I went out.

I drove for over an hour before getting there. I looked at the building to be sure if here was my destination. I wasn’t expecting it to be inside a government reserved area. Though, it wasn’t complete yet. It’s at the end of the estate where some other new uncompleted buildings are.

I pushed the gate open but it didn’t. The key. Slowly, I opened the gate. I looked around, the compound is so large. There were planks with nails on the ground. I thought there was supposed to be some people here. Her boys as she had told me. I thought as I walked towards the door.

I opened it and walked in. The interior was almost finished but the walls and there were some papers, cigarettes, used condoms and other stuff on the floor. I could only see a plastic chair. I brought out my phone to call Sophia that I’ve arrived and found no one here.

“You didn’t lock the gate when you entered” A barritone voice said from behind me.

I frozed in fear. I thought there was no one in. How did he walked in without me hearing his footsteps?

“Bring the phone. Calls are not allowed here” The voice sounded.

I turned around and handed over the phone to him. I saw two boys behind him. He wasn’t alone. I guess these are her boys. I could see his face. He was wearing a crazy jean with blue shirt.

“I’m Stanley, chris. Nice to meet you” He said stretching his arms for an handshake.

I made to but quickly withdrew my hands back as I saw the M9 he held. The guys behind him laughed.

He scoffed and pat me. Patting is an understatement. He hit me cause his hands were d–n strong. He thought he was patting me softly but to me, He’s hitting me.

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“Fear not. You’re safe here. We’re here for business and intimidation is not allowed” He said sounding ill.

Safe? I hissed in my mind. It’s you guys who’s not safe if you mess up with me. I smiled and shook hands with him. He offered me a stick of cigarettes. I shook my head negatively.


David drove into the estate smiling. We were all smiling as he told chief about his experience with Bella when he was teaching her how to drive. We all laughed as he talked about Bella drifting that he Started runnning around. We had called him this morning to come pick us up at the airport. He’d arrived even before we could reach there.

I held my stomach laughing and turned my heads sideways. I stared at the car which passed by. I’ve seen it somewhere. I rolled down the glass and peeped out checking the plate number. It looked so familiar. I’ve seen it somewhere.

I put my head in and roll up. I sighed as David drove inside the compound. At last. I thought.

The other guards in the other car got down and offload the luggage. I followed chief behind.

He opened the door. We saw madam stop abruptly as she sighted us. She looked so surprised. She just stared at us.

I knew she wasn’t expecting us home cause chief didn’t tell her. Chief opened his arm for a hug and she hugged him.

“Surprised?” Chief asked.

“Yes. Yes… Wasn’t expecting you and did you see.. No.. You didn’t tell me you were coming” She said stuttering then raising her voice in the last sentence.

“Tried your number several times but it didn’t go through. Even my daughter’s number. So, I decided to make it a surprise” Chief explained. “And where’s my daughter?” Chief asked.



Suspense? Is it?

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