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Aliyah – S01 E25


Our car came to a halt in the parking lot. The guards opened the door making me feel somehow. I wonder why they would have to follow me everywhere.

“Tsk” I got down and I could see some people staring at me. “What for?” I asked myself.

“It’s rare to see an Angel” David said from behind. I glanced at him and chuckled.

“I’ll tell Jane you’re flirting around while she was absent” I said and bit my lips.

“What the f–k! I wasn’t. I was just, just…”

“Big sis, let’s go to the KFC. I’m hungry.” Ryan said interrupting David.

“No. Let’s have a cup of coffee and breakfast treats first” Emily suggested.

“Yeah. I think a cup of coffee would do. Then, we’ll go clothes shopping”

“Clothes shopping? We have more than enough” Emily said.

“That doesn’t stop us from getting more.” Ryan argued.

“Whatever. But sis, before we go for clothes shopping, I wanna tint my hair” Emily said.

“Okay. Let’s go” I said and winked. They held my hands and together we moved on to the restaurant. Two guards led the way while three stayed behind with David by my right hand side.

I stared around at the places and glanced at some people that were going to and fro. We got in and the guards cleaned a table and positioned themselves.

After few minutes, we were done eating and I paid with my card. Emily and Ryan kept arguing about God knows what. I wasn’t paying attention to them at all. I was busy feeding my eyes.

“Big sis, let’s go to the salon” Emily said.

I nodded and followed her as she led the way. We got there and was offered a seat. Ryan murmured words I didn’t hear as he sat down.

“What?” I chuckled.

“I just dislike her. We are here to have fun and there she is, bringing a man to a salon” He cried bitterly.

I laughed. “Ryan, where is the man?”

“Of course, I am” He glared at me.

“Ma’am, would you like to try this?” One of the girls in the salon asked, giving me a magazine.

I smiled and collected it. I checked it out. “Locs Braid? No” I said and flipped open another page.

“Big sis, why not try low cut” Emily said.

“Low cut? I’ll have to cut my hair”

“I think that’ll look good. Hot, I think” Ryan said.

I stared at him for a while and he smiled grinning his teeth.

“C’mon, you’ll love your new look” He said.

“Okay. I’ll choose that.” I agreed.

“Normal or Curl” She asked.

“I think curl will be good” Emily said.

“As you please, ma” I smiled and nodded to the lady.

“Okay ma’am” I’ll attend to you.


We laid down naked, exhausted. Chris brushed his hand against my hair softly. I stared at the ceiling smiling, feeling satisfied. Chris Is a monster. He knew how to bang hard likewise Chief who does nothing but make love. (Banging and making love are different. The legends know)

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“Baby, you’re so sweet” He said fondling the tip of my breast. That was what he always say.

“You’re sweet too” I replied. I turned my head to him. I stared deeply at him. Chris is one cute guy. I always wish I met him first. He has this dimples that turns me on and makes me wet.

“So, tell me about your step-daughter” He asked.

I stared at him. I wasn’t expecting that. “Why?” I asked surprised.

“C’mon, not what you’re thinking” He said.

“What do you know I’m thinking?” I asked almost immediately.



“Okay. Never mind” He shrugged and stopped caressing my hair.

“What’s that for?”

“Nothing” He formed an angry look.

“Okay, fine. The b—h is fine and full of attitude”

“Attitude? Do you guys act like rivals?”

“Hell no! When she’s not ready to die yet. Even though she escaped the first time” I said not knowing I had say more than enough.

“Escaped death?” Chris asked.

I realized I had crossed the line. I looked at him. There’s nothing bad if I tell him, is it?

“This is a secret. Keep it safe”

He nodded positively and adjusted, sitting on the bed properly. I knew he was eager. He was still fondling the my breast.

“Do you know chief already made his will? I eavesdropped him while he was talking to his lawyer. He willed out half of his wealth to that b—h!” I said angrily.

“Wow! That’s a whole lot of fortune” Chris exclaimed.

“And the remaining half, he shared it into two. Giving me and the kids one and the other half to the less privilege”

“Oh! That’s bad. Why would he give half to the less privilege? Why not give it all to you”

“You know the old fool is a fuckin’ philanthropist. I gave him a heir! What that b—h mother couldn’t give him. I mean, he should even…”

“That’s not the point. You’re getting emotional. I wanna hear about the Death escapade” Chris cut in.

I glared at him. “I’m not saying a word again” I said forming an angry look.

“Don’t worry. I know what to do. By the time I’m through with you. You’ll spill out every words” Chris said, smiling mischievously. Before I could say jack. He had rolled me over making my ass face up. I gasped. Without waiting another second, he smacked my ass and plunged his c–k deep into my ass. I moaned feeling the pleasure and pain.


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Hameed wouldn’t let us hear a word. He was busy shouting “Daddy buy me this Daddy buy me that”. My dad grumbled as he was disturbing him.

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“Let’s go shopping first. I need some new stuff” Sister Aishat said.

My dad glared at her In a funny way. We laughed. “I’m even glad your mum didn’t come with us.” He said.

“That’s a pure lie. We all know you wish she was here” I said and laughed.

“Whatever. Get this dude with you. He’s frustrating me” My dad said freeing his grip from hameed’s.


I stared at the mirror for the umpteenth time. Saying I was surprised with my new look is an understatement. I looked almost exactly like Klondike Blonde. The tint and curl looked perfect. I smiled and Wowed!

“You look like a model ma’am. You’re really cute” The lady said.

“Thanks to you ma’am” I smiled.

“Do you mind putting this on?” She asked stretching forth a flat glass with different lens in it.

“I’ll choose this.”

“Okay ma’am” She Said.

I turned round the chair to look at Ryan. He was busy with his phone. David winked at me. I laughed and turned around taking a glance at Emily. I think they’re almost through with her.

I opened my eyes slowly. Wow! This isn’t me. “I look like a gangster doll!” I exclaimed.

The lady laughed. I got up and stared at myself once again. I sticked my tongue out at the mirror.

“Thank you very much. Cash or transfer?” I asked.

“Anyone ma”


“Wow!” Ryan exclaimed. I smiled and winked at him.

“What the f–k! Mr. Man, can you stop staring at me?”

“I can do this for a lifetime” Ryan said. The people around laughed. Emily came forward.

“Wow! You’re hot!” I said.

“Sure. Imma drip” Emily said, brushing her hand against her tinted hair.

“Which drip? The one in the hospital? You like showing yourself” Ryan fired jokingly.

I laughed and paid with my ATM. “Enough of the talk, let’s go shopping…” I whined.

Ryan stood up and locked his arms with mine like couples. I chuckled.

“Okay baby”

“Flirty shit!” Emily said as she walked behind us.


I checked the silver wristwatch again. I think it’s dope. I looked at my left and picked some T-shirts with jeans.

I stared at Sister Aishat as she packed stuffs as if she had already choosen those stuff beforehand.

I moved close to her. I was shocked. Her trolley was almost full. I bet my dad is yet to see her.

“Big sis, who owns all of this?” I asked.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled. “Mummy and I” She said.

I was relieved a bit. “But mummy did not ask you to”

“How did you know she didn’t?”

“Cause she told me to get some things for her. She wouldn’t have if she already told you”

“Do you want to argue with me?”

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“No but…”

“See your mate over there with bodyguards. You’re here arguing with me” Big sis said staring at the entrance.

I traced her look and saw the person she was talking about. The girl was fair in complexion with low cut. She had it curled and tinted. I couldn’t see her face clearly, only the side view.

She had a boy and a girl who also had her hair tinted. She looked really pretty even though I couldn’t see her face. My heartbeat raced faster as I stared at her.

“No, I have a girlfriend” I murmured.

I hissed and turned to Big sis. She was far away from me already. I continued with my shopping.

Few minutes later, my dad paid for our stuff and the security helped in packing it.

“Where’s Hameed?” My dad asked. It was then I realized he wasn’t with me.

I glanced at my dad and Aishat. “I’m coming” I said and started checking around.

“Hameed. Hameed.” I called softly as I checked around for him. There was no reply. My heart was racing fast.

I was almost at the end of the room when I saw him with her. The girl that had bodyguards. I wonder what they were saying as she bent low to his height.

“Hameed” I called and made to move closer but one guy in black suit stretch his hands forward stopping me in my track. Hameed looked back and pointed towards me. The girl stood up and looked at me smiling. I stared at her. I’ve met an Angel. Now, I could see the face but not clear enough as I was some steps away from her.

She looks familiar. I think I’ve seen her on Tv cause the face I’m looking at doesn’t seem like one I’ve come across in reality. Her eyes were reflecting like…

“Hello!” I heard a baritone voice barked jolting me off my trance.

Hameed was right beside me now. I didn’t know when he got to my side. I smiled and nodded not knowing what else to do.

I think she had been saying something but I was lost in thought.

“This is my brother” Hameed said.

I smiled. She nodded and moved away not without waving at Hameed who waved back at her.

I carried Hameed up and smiled like a fool. My heart was racing faster than normal. I wondered why. I think I’ve come across a celebrity but I don’t which of the celebrities.

“Klondike has tattoos. No” My subconscious said as I tried to recollect which of the celebrities she was.

“I’ve seen her somewhere. For sure, I have” I thought in my mind searching through my mind as we walked towards where our car was parked.



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