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Aliyah – S01 E20


I think I slept off. I looked around. We were off the main road and in an estate. I stared at the large buildings around with bright lights.

The driver horned. My head ached again. It entered into the building.

“Wow!” It escaped my mouth.

“You’ll surely be short of words when you get inside. Your dad spent fortunes on it” The driver, Daniel said.

My heart skipped immediately I heard the word ‘Dad’. I can’t say if I was anxious or something.

Joe got down and opened the door before i could even think of getting down. He smiled at me. I smiled back in appreciation and got down.

I couldn’t help but stare at the maids and guards outside. They lowered their head as we walked in. To say I was amazed was an understatement.

“Sir” I heard Joe said. I turned around to see who. I was lost staring around.

I turned and saw a man. He has a beard, white one and a long hair. He dropped the glass cup he was holding immediately our eyes met. I guess he’s my dad.

We stated at each other. He wanted to say something but he couldn’t. His hands were shaking. His lips trembled. I wondered what was wrong with him.

Tears rolled down his face. He took one step at a time towards me, stretching his arms forward. I don’t know what happened but i felt sorry, tears rolled down my eyes. He hugged me so tight as if I’d go if he let loose. I hugged him back.

He released me and held my hands. I looked at him. He looks so sorry. He wiped my tears with the back of his palm.

“B… Bella… I’m sorry…”

“Sir” Joe cuts in. He whispered something to his ears.

I stared at them. Bella? My name’s Bella. I watched as my dad stared at me. He had a surprise look.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware of your condition. I’ll call my doctor right away” My dad said and brought out my phone.

“What happened to me?” I found myself asking.

“You.. You had an accident and lost your memory” My dad said.

Now, I get it. No wonder i can’t remember a thing. I’m no one right now. My memory. No wonder my head ache whenever I tried to remember anything.

“Dear, it’s okay. Jane will take you up to your room. I’ll call the doctor to check on you. Don’t try to remember anything. You might get hurt.” My dad said and called a girl. I stared at her as she came running, she knelt down.

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“Take my daughter to her room and get her something to eat” My dad ordered.

The girl led the way while I followed.

“Goodnight, miss Bella” I heard joe said.

I looked at him and he was smiling. He looks so cute. I would admit that.

“Thank you” I replied and followed.


I placed a call to my doctor immediately. I had no time for courtesy. I felt like organizing a party for the return of my daughter but not now. I was really happy. Tears rolled down my eyes when I saw her. Tears of seeing her once again after her mother took her away from me after accusing me wrongly. Not even a picture of her do I have except her childhood picture saved in my Google photos. She looked much like me. My feminine version.

I stared at Joe as I sat down. I offered him a seat. I was really happy with him. Joe had been of great help to him. I hired him in one of the best companies that hire bodyguards and bouncers.

“Joe, here” I poured out a drink for him.

“Thank you sir” He said and accepted the drink.

“I didn’t notice. If not that you quickly told me it seems she lost her memory, I didn’t observe. I thought she was just happy and sad seeing me for the first time.” I paused and sipped my drink. “How did you know?” I asked him.

“John saw her when she was wheeled into the operation room. When we said we are here to take her, she didn’t argue with us. And, when Daniel introduced us to her, she didn’t do the same. I only saw her held her head. It seems she’s fighting it” He answered.

“The day’s late. I guess you would sleep here.”

He nodded.


“Okay. I’ll be here waiting for my doctor” I said and rested my head on the sofa. “Have fun” I added.

I sighed as soon as he left. I felt on top of the world.

“My daughter. My daughter. My goddess” I muttered like an insane man.

“Wait! She lost her memory? That means she won’t even remember a thing. Isn’t it? Not even her mother? Yes. She took her away for years, hiding her from me. I wonder what lie she would have fed her about me. But now, she can’t remember a thing.” I was still lost in thought when a guard told me the doctor is here.

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“Bring him in” I ordered and stood up. I led the way up to the room she had once used when she was a kid. After my room, hers was the largest. My wife had even suggested one of her daughters move in but I refused. Having the hope that Bella would return any day.

I watched as the doctor examined her. I couldn’t help but marvel as I watched her. I didn’t give birth to a daughter, I have a goddess.

“Sir, she would need to come to the hospital. She’s unwell. Her body system isn’t stable and it seems…”

“Yeah, she lost her memory” I cut in.

The doctor sighed.

“There’s no drug with me here. Let her eat well and rest. I’ll call her tomorrow for…”

“No, bring all the equipment she’ll be needing in here. I’m not letting her out of my sight.” I said.

“Okay sir. It will be done tomorrow..”


“Okay sir.” He replied and left. I sat beside her on the bed caressing her long hair.

“It’s okay dear. You’ll be fine” I said and kissed her forehead.

“What are you still doing here?” I asked Jane who stood still.

“I asked her to keep me company” Bella said.

“Okay dear. That’s nice. Make sure she doesn’t get bored”

“Yes sir” Jane answered.

“Don’t stand there. Come, sit beside me here” She told Jane.

I think this is me. This is the feminine me. She’s caring. Unlike my wife who treats all of them like slaves. I’m even glad she’s not around now. I smiled.

“Okay. I’ll leave you two” I said and stood up. It seems they were saying something before we came in.

“Dad. Where’s my mom. Haven’t seen her since I arrived” I heard Bella ask.

I smiled. I already had an answer to the question. I was expecting it.

“You really don’t remember anything? I’m sorry dear. Your mom left me while you were still a kid and I know not her whereabouts. She…” I faked the tears rushing down my face. “You know everything. You know. I told you about her… You’ve forgotten… I”

She got down from the bed and moved towards me. She wiped my tears off with her hand.

“I’m sorry dad. I’m sorry for bringing up what hurts you. I really don’t remember anything about her. Is she…”

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“It’s okay dear. It’s okay. Don’t force yourself to remember anything. Just rest” I said to her.

“Okay dad. Goodnight. Love you”

“Love you dear. Sleep like an Angel,huh” I hugged her and let go immediately. “Jane, come” I ordered and moved out.

“Jane” I whispered her name.


“I love my daughter. I’ll do anything to keep her safe. I’m sorry for lying about her mom but I have no choice. She kept her away from me for years. Now that I’m in hold of her, I won’t let go.” I paused and looked at her. “Anyone in my situation will do the same thing. Don’t discuss any issue about her mom. You don’t know her mom, do you?”

“No sir”

“She took her away from me nine years ago. Not a day did i catch a glimpse of her for nine years. Jane, I hope you understand. I’m not asking you to feed her lies but skip the discussion if she asks you about her mom. You don’t know her, even if you do, you still don’t. Okay”

“Yes sir”

“Good. It seems she’s so nice and would trust so easily. Inform all your colleagues in the mansion and tell them what i told you.”

“Yes sir”

“Buenas noches” I said in Spanish.

“Goodnight sir” She replied.


I sighed deeply after my dad left. I felt so sorry for making him sad. I wish I could remember something. I wish I could even know what she looks like. It seems she really hurts my dad, seeing a grown up adult like that cry. I sighed deeply.

I had asked Jane about my mom but she said she knew nothing about her. That made me ask him. I stopped thinking and went in to the bathroom. I washed myself in the jacuzzi. I spent almost an hour there.

I got out and went over to the mirror. I stared at my naked body. My face looked white. It was as if I was seeing myself for the first time. I smiled and cleaned my body dry. I waited for Jane to show up but she didn’t. I switched off the lamp and covered my body with the duvet.



Smiles…. Bella. Bella. Bella! What do you think?

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