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Aliyah – S01 E19


I entered into the car. I didn’t know why I wasn’t scared. I sat at the back seat with one of the guy. The driver stared at me through the front mirror. He smiled.

“I’m Daniel” The driver introduced. “Nice meeting you ma’am” He added.

I smiled at him.

“I’m joe and that’s John beside you” The guy at the front seat introduced.

I wonder why they were introducing themselves.

“Have you eaten?” Joe asked.

I remembered I ate a biscuit and drank water. “Yeah” I nodded.

“Is your phone with you?” He asked again.

I stared at him. I used my hand to search if anything is in my cloth but I found none.

“I’m sorry for asking those questions, ma’am but I have to. You might be tracked” He said.

“Tracked?” I muttered

He looked back at me. He stared at me for a while. Then, glanced at the guy beside me.

He didn’t utter a word anymore. He just faced front. The journey continued in silence.


We drove in silence. I didn’t bother saying anything else. She was acting strange. I was really happy. I didn’t bother to call chief to tell him the good news. We’ve been in Edo state for a week now. Chief had ordered us not to come back home without his daughter. It was a difficult task cause we didn’t know her neither do we have a picture of her. Even chief had not seen her before. The last time he told us he saw her was when she was eight years old.

Her mother had taken her away without Chief’s knowledge. She dropped a note saying Chief is into illegal business and has dangerous partner and she wouldn’t want her daughter to suffer for his misdeeds. Chief had kept the note intact till date. He remarried but didn’t stop looking for his daughter.

Chief tried to get her whereabouts but he could not. Still, he didn’t lose hope. He continued his search all to no effort until last month.

Chief was checking through facebook when he came across a name on Facebook. It consist of his surname and a feminine name. He clicked on it but there was no profile picture. He checked About the account. His heart raced faster. The D.O.B was exactly the same with his daughter’s. He checked the home address and wrote it down. He checked if he could see any other useful information but found none.

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Immediately, he assigned one of the guards to stalk the vicinity and the exact address he saw. He told his wife about it. He was so glad and anxious.

The next week, the guard reported. Chief was so happy. The description the guard made about the woman he saw matched with his wife but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get a clear picture as the environment was very crowdy.

Chief thought of how to get his daughter. He called me in and told me of his plans but I couldn’t find a better idea. I suggested he go to their house to ask but he said no.

“I know my wife, she’s so hard” He said.

Few days later, early in the morning. The guard had called Chief that it seems her daughter was traveling. Chief told the guard to be on her tail and never lose sight of her.

Later at noon. He called me in and told me of the info. I sighed deeply.

“Sir, since she’s traveling and she might not be back in days. I suggest we just…” I wanted to suggest but his phone rang interrupting.

“What!” Chief screamed. Goose bumps was all over his face. I stood up.

“Joe, the guard told me that they were attacked. Her car was hit by a truck and he was also hit from behind” Chief said.

“Joe, find my daughter immediately! Please” Chief added pleading.

I quickly asked Chief to give me the guard details and location. After that, I called John and Daniel and we set out to Edo state. The journey was rough and fast. I purposely called Daniel. He was the best driver in the compound. Chief only called on him during emergencies.

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Few hours later, we got to the place where the accident happened. There was no one there. It seems an ambulance has been called on.

I felt disappointed. This is going to be hard. I sighed. I asked passers by and people who were at the scene if they knew where the ambulance came from but none seemed to know.

My phone rang. It was the guard. He said they had taken them all to an hospital and gave us the address.

We left the scene immediately and went there. We called his number but it wasn’t going through anymore.

I stood there staring at the hospital building. My phone rang again, I didn’t answer the call. I entered the building. I saw the driver of an ambulance trying to enter the van. I stopped him. I asked if he came just now and he answered yes. I asked if it was from an accident scene along Edo road. He nodded. I Smiled and asked him for details of the people that were admitted.

I quickly called John in and together, we went in search of Ward 32. We got there and saw the doctors attending to him. He was breathing hard, trying to survive. I guess he won’t make it. I barged in and quickly held him.

John stopped the doctors from reaching me as they were shocked and surprised at the way we barged in.

“I……a….a…an…attack…” He said, breathing hard.

That wasn’t what I needed. I asked about chief’s daughter.

“Sixt…” He managed to say and gave up the ghost not competing the word.

I slowly dropped his lifeless body and moved out. We were moving out when I saw a lady wheeled into a ward tagged 62. Blood spilled down her head.

I stared at her and somehow, I felt attached to her. Is she the one? I stared towards the ward again and checked the number. “Sixty two” I muttered.

“John, watch her” I told john.

After some hours, john reported to me that no one seemed to go into her ward except the doctors and nurses.

I nodded and asked him to let us watch what’s happening first. My hunch was telling me she’s the one. One part of me felt glad but the other was still not cool. It happens. I sighed. I called Chief and updated him. I didn’t tell him about the atack part the guard said but I told him we’ve found her.

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Today, I had made up my mind to walk into the hospital and meet her. As we got to the hospital, I saw her coming out. She looked like she was lost. I watched her sat down and looked around.

I waited if anyone would join her but none did. Few minutes later, she stood up and moved towards the gate. My heartbeat increased as I saw her face clearly. If she was a guy, then no doubt she would look almost exactly like Chief. I smiled.

“Swears, wouldn’t believe Chief had an Angel unlike those ugly whores at home” Daniel said referring to Chief’s second wife daughters as ugly whores.

I glared at him and he made a funny sound with his mouth. I smiled.

She was at the gate now and wanted to come out but the security had stopped her. John made to get down but I stopped him. I watched as the security man talked to her and she only nodded saying nothing less.

Then suddenly, she held her head with her hand as if it wanted to fall off. We quickly got down and moved towards her.

I occasionally took a glance at her and wondered why she wasn’t questioning us or saying anything. Hope it’s not what I’m thinking? I asked myself as I remembered seeing blood gush out of her head, how the bus was damaged by the truck and john had also reported that she was wheeled into the Intensive care unit.

“Memory loss” I muttered.

“Welcome home, princess” Daniel announced bringing me back to reality.



INTERMISSION! What’s happening? There’s been a mix up. The worst part now is that Aliyah can’t remember a thing.

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