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Aliyah – S01 E16


“She’s suffering from a brain tumor and a memory lost, the probability that she will regain her memory back is just not certain. Is not just certain! Is not just certain!” Those words echoed in Mrs. Ridoh’s head. Out of all the things the doctor said, this was the only words she heard clearly and tried hard to believe.

She broke the news slowly to Aishat and Aliyah’s friend. They were as shocked as she was. Mr. Ridoh had stayed behind in the doctor’s office. He had to sign before any operations could be carried out.

They all sob quietly. Annie tried to think about it, losing one’s memory. She had read books about people losing their memory. Everyone became a stranger to them. Some even lose their sanity. She wondered quietly what fate awaits Aliyah.

Few minutes later, Mr. Ridoh came out of the office. “I’m done with that part. They’ll start the operation soon” He told his wife.

“What else did he tell you?” Mrs. Ridoh asked. “I’m sure he told you something, like she might not be able to talk. Like, she might be dumb for months. Didn’t he? Did he not” Mrs. Ridoh burst out crying.

“My daughter has been in coma for the past few days. I’m a doctor. I know what happens. Only God… Only God”

“Dear, it’s okay. Let’s not pray for the worst. She will be fine, insha Allah” Mr. Ridoh consoled.

“You guys should stop crying. Let’s get something to fill our empty tummy” Mr. Ridoh said, cupping his wife as she cried softly, sniffing.

The next day, the operation was prepared to be carried out. Mrs. Ridoh’s couldn’t describe how she felt. Anxious? No. She was scared. She watched as Aliyah was wheeled out into the operation ward.

She looked just like a baby. She looked so cute on the stretcher. Tears rolled down her left eye as she watched her look so dead with the oxygen mask and drip.

Few hours later, the doctor called them to his office.

“Madam, I’ll want you to relax. She’s fine now. Just unconscious at the moment.” The doctor said.

Mrs. Ridoh just nodded.

“Oh! Doctor, thank you very much” Mr. Ridoh thanked him “So, when will she get discharged?” He asked.

“No, not now sir. But, you can go prepare something light for her in case she wakes up anytime from now”

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“Okay. Thank you very much. We’ll do just that” Mr. Ridoh stood up supporting his wife to her feet. She was so weak and had not taken anything since two days ago.

“Let’s go prepare her something and you Also need to help yourself” Mr. Ridoh told his wife as they got out of the doctor’s office.

They updated Aishat about her condition. She felt happy and relieved. They entered the car and drove off to Aliyah’s apartment.


I found myself in a new world, a world like a child fantasy. I felt like a new born baby, born into the world she knows nothing about. I was walking freely about when I heard some distant Voices. I began moving to the direction where the voice was coming from, all of a sudden, I found myself falling… Then everything went blank.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. The lights were too bright. I shut it close immediately. I heard something beeping, something like a machine. I opened my eyes immediately, slowly, my vision was blurred but I could see her. A nurse, she was shouting “Doctor”.

Soon, a man in a white suit entered the room. He was staring at the machine. He touched my head, raised my hand. I felt weak. Where am I?

He turned to the nurse and was telling her some things but I didn’t hear what he was saying.

It hurts. I couldn’t even open my mouth to scream as she injected me. My eyes was heavy. I felt dizzy. Slowly, my eyes shut completely.


We were heading home in Dave’s car. Aliyah’s dad had taken us to an eatry where we filled our tummy and eased our tension a bit. They went to the hospital while we went home as Mrs. Ridoh had told us to. We got home and went in. Dave excused himself. He went to his room.

I stared at the ceiling. Lost in thoughts. What could be happening? Aliyah of all people. Who wants to hurt her? The police said there was someone else with her. Someone else? Who could it be?

I brought out my phone which had been in my pocket since yesterday. I unlocked it. 47 missed call. I didn’t bother checking it. I activated my data and opened my WhatsApp. My phone seized for some minutes as messages popped up. I lazily dropped it.

“Chi, please follow me” I heard Ruth said.

“Where?” Chioma answered almost immediately.

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“I want to go and buy pad”

“Hmm… I’m not going anywhere o. What if the person is outside waiting”


“The person that killed Aliyah”

My head banged. My heartbeat skipped. It went faster than normal. I stared at her.

“Chi, but Aliyah is not dead” Ruth said.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to say the person that hurt her.” Chioma said, feeling scared. “The person might still be around, in our vicinity” She added.

Ruth nodded. I looked at her as she sat back on the chair. I saw fear in her eyes. I sighed deeply.

What if the person is still around? I thought about it. But who? Who? I asked myself. I recall the events that happened last night. Aliyah didn’t drink. Did she bring someone home? No, I’m sure she didn’t.

And the button. The button the police found? That can’t find the culprit. There are so many people in the city using a cloth that has that kind of button.

Dave entered jolting me off my thought. He has change his cloth, probably he went to shower. He sat down and stared at Chioma who was busy thinking, I guess, as she stared at the ceiling absentmindedly. He stared at Ruth and back to me. Our eyes met.

After staring at each other for some seconds without blinking. He broke the contact and sighed.

“Dave, where’s Sean?” I suddenly found myself asking. Everyone in the room stared at each other before finalizing their stare at me.

“Sean?” They chorused.

“Who’s Sean?”

I heard someone asked. We looked up towards the door and saw Aliyah’s parent and elder sister entered. It seems like they overheard our discussion or better still, they only heard the last word we mentioned.

I looked at Dave. He had been staring at me. What’s that look for? I asked in my mind as if he could read through.


I opened my eyes slowly. My vision was still blurred. I closed it and opened it again. This time, I could see more clearly than before.

I’m in a hospital. How did I arrive here? What’s happening? I asked myself. I wanted to lift my head buh I couldn’t. I was weak. I dropped it slowly.

Someone entered. I recognized her, the lady I saw the other time. She smiled at me. I stared at her.

“Hi. Are you awake?” She asked.

I opened my mouth and it was as if it was glued. It was so hard to open. I raised my hand and touched my stomach.

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She nodded. “I get it, you’re hungry.” She went out.

I sighed. What’s happening? Why am I so weak? How did I get here? Several questions popped up in my head but I couldn’t find an answer to it.

“Who are you?” A voice in me asked. Who am I? Who am I? It echoed refusing to stop. My head banged. I tried to shut the voice asking that question but I couldn’t. I didn’t know where the energy came from. I raised my hand in an attempt to hold my head which was banging hard but my hand hit the shelf beside me dropping all the objects on the tray. It scattered everywhere.

“Stop!” I screamed as the word “Who am I?” Echoed in my head refusing to fade away. The pole which the drip water connected to my hand flew forward as I flung it in Anger. The sachet burst as it touched the ground. I removed the injection furiously and threw it away. I can’t tell where the energy came from. I held my head with my hands. It was hurting me more and I felt something boiling in me. My blood.

“Stop!” I screamed again. Tears rolled down my face. I broke down into tears. I was feeling weak now. It seems I had consumed the whole energy left in me.

I felt hands on me. They held me hard. I didn’t know when anyone entered. I looked back and saw the man I saw earlier, the doctor.

He wasn’t the one holding me. It was two hefty men. They lifted me up. I didn’t bother struggling with them cause I was weak now. They put me back on the bed, still pinning me down. The doctor came forward.

“It’s okay dear. You’ll be alright” I heard him say to me and felt a sting in my arm. He had injected me.

Slowly, I felt dizzy. My eyes closed. I opened it again. My vision became blurred again. My eyes closed slowly. I tried to open it but it over powered me.



Sean! Where’s sean? Sighs… Aliyah, she lost her memory? Now, she can’t remember a thing? Is it gonna affect her so much? Will it change her? Is it a new beginning? Now, get a popcorn, chilled drink, relax your mind and sit. The story’s about to start.



I’m coming, I want to goan poo poo.

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