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Aliyah – S01 E07

Aliyah slumped on the bed. She was tired. She had been busy arranging her room. It was large and beautiful. A large self contain. Her dad had gave her a helping hand before he left in order to get back home before it’s too late.

She stared blankly at the ceiling. It was as if she was missing something. Everywhere looked strange. She shut her eyes closed. She felt nothing but sadness. Tears rolled. She knew not when she slept off thinking about home.

She woke up feeling tired. She sluggishly dragged herself up, opened her drawer and took a pain killer. She took her phone and checked it ‘Oops! 9 missed call” She exclaimed. 2 from Tife, 4 from Haq and 3 from her mum.

A knock sounded on the door. She ignored it. It might not be hers. The knock came again, this time with a bang. She dropped her phone and went out of her bedroom. She got to the sitting room and stopped behind the door. “Who’s there?” She asked.

“New neighbors, na we o. Your co tenant” A feminine voice said.

She opened the door and saw three girls and two boys standing. They waved at her. She bowed her head, wondering what’s happening.

The three girls were fair and also pretty. They looked classic with their dress mode. One of the guy is fair while the other is dark. They looked alike but for their skin tone.

“Omo, our new neighbor na Alhaja o. She dope o” The one who knocked admired, staring at her from head to toe.

Aliyah smiled.

“Anyways, we just came to say hi. I’m chioma, that’s Annie beside you and this is Ruth” The girl standing opposite her, Chioma introduced.

Aliyah smiled and shook hands with them. “I’m Aliyah” She introduced.

“Wow! Nice name. I love it.” Ruth commented.

“Wait o! Una no get joy o. We gather come here, Una introduce Una self, we nko” One of the guys said, the fair one.

The three girls laughed. Aliyah smiled. They were jovial. These were the kind of people she likes.

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“Babe, no mind them. My name is Dave. This is my friend, Sean” Dave introduced.

“Nice to meet you guys. You guys look alike” Aliyah said reaching out for a handshake.

“You guys should come in. Let’s chat.” Aliyah offered.

“Nice of you dear” Chioma said, smiling.

They took a lot of time discussing. Aliyah got to know them very well. Annie is in 200 level through direct entry studying Pub admin; That’s public administration. She was kinda tall and a little bit funny. Her artificial hair and eye lashes fitted her. She complimented Aliyah all the time. It either she says she likes her dimples, the way she’s smiling, her humbleness. Aliyah prayed she’s not into Lesbianism o.

Chioma on the other hand was reserved. She talked only when it was necessary and focused more on her iPhone 6. Aliyah guessed. She’s a fresher, studying Theater arts.

Ruth seemed to be the quiet type. All she did was laugh, blush and smile. She had no artificial stuff on and looked pretty like the. She’s also a fresher, studying Nursing. Aliyah seemed to like her since they were studying the same course and would be leaving together.

Dave was one hell of a talker. He’s tall and fair. His pink lips fitted him more than Sean’s own. He’s studying Arts, Visual and creative design. Also a fresher. Aliyah couldn’t help buh laughed at the joke he cracked.

Sean was just staring at Aliyah. Aliyah had caught him staring but he’d quickly divert his view and formed concentration on his phone. Aliyah smiled and wave her thoughts off. He’s studying Computer science. Also a fresher. His tinted jerry curls looked perfect on him.

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None of them seemed to come from a poor home. Dave even had a car. They gave her gist about the landlord and everything she needed to know. Aliyah was glad. She felt at home buh not completely.

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She was still forming gentle and matured for them but deep inside, she wanted to act crazily. She wanted to show Dave she’s more talented at cracking jokes. She wanted to ask Sean if his head is paining him abi there’s dirt in his eyes with the way he’s staring and blinking. She wanted to ask Chioma what her gain is on the phone she’s busy with. She acted calm and cool, smiling and laughing.

“Liyah, where’s your phone? Lemme give you my WhatsApp number. I’ll add you to the group chat” Ruth said.

Aliyah stood up and went in.

“Chai! See natural beauty o. Upon the long jalabia abi wetin dem dey call am wey she use cover body. Omo, this girl fresh” Annie said as Aliyah went in.

“I hope she’s not lesbian o” Aliyah said, blushing as she heard what Annie said.

Aliyah dropped her books on the shelf. She slumped on her bed tired. Today’s lecture was so tiring and she had also forget her Atm at home while rushing to school in the morning. So, she had to take a walk home under the scorching sun.

It’s been two weeks now. Aliyah had let the cat out of the bag. She acted no maturity again. She would joke, talk, sing and play whenever she’s free.

Annie got fond of her. She had been her best friend in the compound. She loved Aliyah cause of her jokes, the prank she do play on them and everything.

There was a day Annie went to meet Liyah but she was taking her bath. She sat down in her bedroom chatting on her phone. When Aliyah got out of the bathroom, annie couldn’t help the “wow!” that flew out of her mouth. Aliyah’s body and shape was something to behold. Aliyah looked at her and asked what.

“Aliyah, abeg why you dey cover God’s work. Na you get all this yansh and hips? See perfect shape o” Annie asked surprised. Aliyah only smiled and continued applying cream on her body.

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“You go dey wear long hijab up and down as if you be old mama. At least, you fit wear small hijab na. See your hair like mammy water own. You na something o” Annie said frustrated. She wished it was her.

Aliyah had ask her if she wasn’t into Les stuff. Annie laughed and hit her playfully.

“Liyah, you get bad mouth. Bad thought dey swim for your mind. Na wetin you go talk next be DAT. Werey oshi. If i be lesbi, you no go don know”

“How I go take know”

“Go ask your village people”

Aliyah smiled. “Oya, make we go chop”

“For where” Annie asked, her eyes wide open.

“Chill na…. That day ehn, na mistake o. Ah no know say the salt and pepper go too much” Aliyah said, feeling guilty.

The day was one of the days they would never forget. Their tongue almost cut off. Dave had to start breaking ice from his fridge and filled his mouth with it. Only Sean and Chioma were lucky. They weren’t at home.

“This time around, e no go happen” Aliyah added, smiling while tickling her.

Annie stared at her for some seconds and smiled. “Tell dem say i no dey” She said and continued with the phone she was pressing.

“Dem who” Aliyah asked confused.

“My village people wey send you” Annie answered.

Aliyah laughed and continued what she was doing.

A knock on the door jolted her off her thoughts. “Enter o!” She screamed, not getting up.

The door to her bedroom opened. “Tife” Aliyah smiled.

Smiles…. Aliyah tried, I think. At least, she pretended to have sense at first. Your likes and comment will determine the next episode. Kindly follow for more updates. Love you all.

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