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Aliyah – S01 E06

Aliyah slept like a baby. She slept like one who had no worry. Her pink cute lips curved like it was waiting for another lip to pair it. Her pretty fair face shined like it had makeup on. Her long hair also spread loose like Cinderella’s. Her night gown couldn’t contain her perfect body shape. The tip of her breast pointed like the edge of a pyramid. Air blew up the gown revealing her fresh lap. Aliyah looks perfect.

The door to her room opened slowly. Her mum entered, followed by Hameed, Haq, Aisha, and their Dad.

They stared at her as she lay asleep. Now, her lips already parted revealing her white set of teeth.

“Chai! Mum, see Aliyah o. This long hijab she likes putting on is just hiding all her asset. See her curves and everything, i don’t even have half of it.” Aisha said in a low tone.

“What do you mean? She owns her body. Don’t spoil my daughter o” Mrs. Ridoh replied in a more low tone so as to not wake Aliyah.

“Mum, Aliyah should go for modeling. Walahi talahi, she would make it big” Aisha said, staring in amazement at her younger sister.

Mrs. Ridoh eyed her. She dropped the cake they brought in on her reading table.

“My younger sister na Nicki minaj” Haq said.

“Shhhhsh” Mr. Ridoh cautioned.

“She’s getting matured. It’s not easy to be 18. She has a rapid growth.” Mrs. Ridoh said.

“Who would believe she’s just 18. With..”

“Aisha keep shut. Is it your body. Leave my daughter alone. That’s not what we are here for.” Mrs. Ridoh cuts in “Let’s leave. We’ll come back when she’s awake” She added.

“Una too dey yarn. Make Una do wetin Una wan do joor” Aliyah said, not opening her eyes. She was already awake listening to their convo buh pretended.

Mrs. Ridoh exclaimed. Hameed jumped on her buh she was quick to move away rolling. Haq threw the teddy at her, picked it again and started hitting her playfully. She had fooled them all. They thought she was still asleep. Aisha just stood there laughing.

Mr. And Mrs. Ridoh glanced at each other, smiled, and hugged themselves. It was a short one as they quickly disengaged when they heard something being smashed.

They had fall the cake. The trio stopped playing, each one staring at each other not knowing who fell the cake. Aisha bent down, scooped a handful of it. Before they could say jack, she had already paste it on Aliyah’s face.

They all laughed. Aliyah got down from her bed immediately. Aisha knew what she was about to do and dashed out.

“Big sis!” Aliyah screamed and chased her. Haq and Hameed also got down, scooped some and ran off.

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Mr. And Mrs. Ridoh couldn’t help but laugh at their children’s display.

“Don’t worry about me. It’s you who should be prepared.” Aliyah said. She was having a conversation with Tife.

“Your head dey pain you. Na once I wan write am….. Yes….Mumu girlfriend…. Dem dey share money there…. I no get money to sub…. Girl, free me… WhatsApp and Facebook no dey my mind now… Na your own bowl of Eba be that o…. Haha hahaha…. E pain am… No vex…. Oya chop kiss… Tueeh… You wey no dey brush…. Hahahaha…. Okay na… Bye… Come tomorrow o…. Okay” She ended the call smiling. She dropped her phone and continued with the novel she was reading.

Her dad had gotten her a phone on her birthday. She was now preparing for Jamb together with Tife.

She yawned as she closed the book. Soon, she was faraway in an unknown land. She was reading inside a big room with no one in there with her. Suddenly, she saw a lot of guys stretching out their hands to reach out to her. She smiled and continued reading. But she raised up her head and saw one, he wasn’t stretching out his hand like others but just sat down. She stood up and walked towards him. She held his hand and they both smiled. They walked away from the hall. Suddenly, everywhere was dark…. She smiled knowing there’s someone with her. The guy smiled and pointed at a chair in front of her. She went on and sat down. All of a sudden, she didn’t see him. She felt like she was floating and looked down. A dungeon. She was falling down. She screamed and woke up sweating.

Aliyah looked around. Relieved she was in her room. “Which kind bad dream be this one? Wetin I chop this night sef?” She asked herself.

“Village people at work” Her subconscious said.

“Tell them say I no dey” She replied as she packed the book off her bed. Lay her bed and slept off.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days. Days formed week, week turned month. It was one of the times when students who sat for jamb knew God and moved closer to him. Some depend on their brain, some believe in their money, some believe in luck while some took life as Card. It’s either you win or lose.

The results was delayed making some students almost die of anxiety awaiting their fate. Tife was one of those who almost died of anxiety. She prayed day and nights. Some days, she’d give out money her parents gave to her and stay on empty stomach. She missed no service in church.

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Aliyah on the other was unbothered. She’d even forgotten she sat for an exam if not for the news and Tife who kept asking her for updates.

Secretly, her parents believed in her. They had bought all the items she would need without her knowledge while she just kept playing pranks all over the street and at home. Even the richest man in their street wasn’t as popular as she is.

“I don’t wanna die young like agbalumo….” Aliyah screamed from the bathroom singing.

“I wonder why she didn’t use her own bathroom. She’ll just be disturbing” Haq said, frustrated at the song she was singing. He was browsing through the Internet.

“Aliyah! They’ve released you guys result o!” Haq screamed as he caught view of the headlines.

“Say God!” Aliyah asked to be sure her brother wasn’t lying.

“Mumu, wait there” Her brother hissed.

“Ehhh! Why is my heart beating jazz LA” She said as she went to her room. She heard her phone ringing and hurried inside.

“Hello… Say God!…. No…. I’ll check it now” She ended the call smiling. It was Tife who called to tell her she passed.

“If Tife pass, na graduate me go graduate” She smiled.

Hameed ran to meet his mother as she entered. “Mummy, aunty score 287” Hameed said before his mother could even reply his greeting.

“Really?” She asked smiling.

“Yes” Hameed nodded positively. His mother carried him, pecked his cheek.

“That your head like agege bread. Who sent you. I send you. Me that I wanted to surprise both mummy and dad. You na goan spoil my show. Your nose like acura bonnet. Mtcheew” Aliyah hissed. Hameed had spoiled her plan.

Haq chuckled but later burst out laughing. The last sentence Aliyah mentioned made him laugh. He glanced at Hameed and stared at his nose. He wondered how acura bonnet is and compared it to hameed’s nose. He laughed again.

Mrs. Ridoh patted Hameed telling him not to mind them as she carried him to her room.

“Aliyah, yah bad o. How did you fugure out how his nose looks like exactly” Haq asked laughing.

Aliyah glared at him angrily. “Bro, I thought you went to school o, ehn, shey….”

Haq chased her before she could complete her statement. “Wait for me o!” He screamed after her.

“Waiter ni!” Aliyah replied as she quickly lock the door, gasping for breath.

“My dear, please know the daughter of whom you are. Don’t join bad gang. Stay away from boys. It’s not time to love but time to feel loved. Let your peers and people love you cause of your academic work, not your beauty. Nursing isn’t that easy. If there’s anything you’re confused about, inform me. I’ll put you through. You know we’ll miss you so much….” Mrs. Ridoh advised on and on.

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The room was so calm. Haq and Hameed were moody. Hameed wondered where her sister was going to. He held her hands tightly as mother advised her.

Aliyah tried to hold the tears gathering in her eyes, so was her mom. She promised to be of good behavior and act like a grown up. Her mother smiled at her.

“Don’t forget. No friends apart from Tife. We purposely got that apartment for you. It’s just few people living in the compound. They are all rich students and mostly females and the landlord. Play no pranks. Act matured. Respect….”

“I’m through. Mother and daughter, it’s time to go.” Mr. Ridoh announced cutting in.

“What about your friend?” Mrs. Ridoh asked as they all followed her out of the room.

“She’s already there. Got there yesterday” Aliyah replied.

“Liyah…” Haq called her.

Aliyah looked back. She saw nothing but sadness on his face. She would miss him so much. Brother Haq had been a source of joy to her. He was the only one who isn’t always far from home. He has a soft heart. He had refused to go to any university far away from the city and had choosen the one in their city not too far from home.

“It’s as if I’m alone. It’s as if joy is leaving me. I’m feeling… Ion know… Your jokes… Your stupid song…l… I’ll…. Miss you. I…” Tears dropped from his eyes. Aliyah ran to him and hugged him.

“I love you, sister”

The tears couldn’t hold anymore. Aliyah let it drop freely. She cried like a baby. Hameed also joined not knowing what’s happening. He thought it was the same school her sister attends she was going. There was sadness in the air. Mrs. Ridoh hugged them both, whimpering.

Mr. Ridoh coughed. He felt sad too buh acted up. He would also miss her as his daughter. He wasn’t that frequent at home but the little time he do spend with them worth. He knew Aliyah to be a brat but he was happy she wasn’t a dullard, at least. They split up knowing it’s time to go else they’d got to Edo state late.

“Bye” They waved goodbye as Mr. Ridoh drove up. Hameed burst into tears. Little kids.

Hmm…. Now, Aliyah is faraway from home and in a tertiary institution. What do you think? Will she stop her childish behavior? Will she stop playing pranks? Will she dress normal or continue putting on her long hijab? Smiles…. Kindly follow up for updates. Love you all.

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