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Aiden My Brother – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

Days flew by, then weeks, months, and even years. Attending Christmas
and Summer vacations with our families who were more than happy that
we were finally together, night outs into the city to get dinner, double
dates with our best friends, and even voted prom king and queen by our
friends senior year. We were in love, blissful and beautiful love. Soon
enough we were sitting together at graduation looking back on some of
our best memories. The fall after we graduated we attended Virginia Tech
together, still as strong a couple as we were in high school. Things were
perfect, but like every perfect moment it ends. In the middle of our
freshmen year of college I noticed that Aiden was loosing weight and
something seemed wrong, he was becoming sick more often than usual
and he was tired all the time. It was unlike him and I was beginning to
worry, but every time I asked him if he was okay all he said was he’s fine
or he has a bug. He was never a good liar, and he knew it because every
time he told me he was “fine” his eyes became big and his face grew pale.
In mid December we we’re in my dorm watching a movie while cuddled
up on the couch when out of no where he let out a blood curdling cry of
agony a sound that I will never forget. I called 911 and the paramedics
were there within a few minutes, as they loaded him on the gurney and
took him to the ambulance I was a frantic mess. I didn’t know what was
going on, I was scared I would loose him but I knew that I had to stay
positive. I raced to my car and followed behind the ambulance until we
reached the hospital. As they took him into the ER I stood in the waiting
room impatiently waiting to hear from the doctor. Two hours later Dr.
Richards came into the waiting room, I raced up to him ready for answers.
“Doctor what’s going on, is he okay?” I asked quickly.
“He’s resting right now and you can go see him if you’d like, the cancer is
really taking it’s toll on his body.”
“I’m sorry did you say cancer?” I said in shock.
“Yes I did… I’m sorry did you not know?” He was confused. “No… he
never told me..” He lied to me, Aiden never told me about this, any of it.
“Autumn, he has pancreatic cancer, the cancer has spread beyond the help
of chemo or radiation.”
“Wh- what does that mean? He’s going to die?”
“I’m afraid so. I’m terribly sorry.”
“How long?”
“I diagnosed him a month ago, but because the cancer is at an advanced
stage I give him 5 months, 8 if he’s lucky.”
“5 months? That’s it?”
“I truly am sorry.” I stood there silent.
“Can I see him now?” I asked through tears.
“Of course.” We walk through the double doors past patients and working
nurses and doctors. We had finally made it to Aiden’s room where he was
“I’ll leave you two alone.” He closed the door behind him.
I stood there not moving just looking at Aiden, and when he looked back I
could see in his eyes that he knew. “Doc told you huh?” He chuckles.
“How can you be laughing?” I say astonished. “Autumn..”
“Don’t… you knew this whole time and you… you never said anything. Not
one word.” I felt the tears coming.
“I tried to tell you… but the face you have right now was exactly what I
was scared of seeing if I told you.”
“So what you were just going to wait until you were dead for me to find
out?!” I couldn’t hold my anger anymore.
“No! Because I wanted us to be as normal as we could! I… I don’t want
things to change Autumn, I don’t want this to change us. I don’t want the
rest of what ever I have left spent in a bed just waiting for me to rot and
die.” His voice was beginning to crack. I was speechless, I knew then why
he didn’t say anything. He was scared just like I was, and there I stood
feeling like a big bag of s–t.
I walked over to him and sat on the edge of the bed taking his hand.
“Aiden that’s not going to happen I promise. And I’m sorry, but you and
me, we don’t have secrets, we never have. So from this moment on, no
more secrets. Deal?” He smiles. “Deal.” I kiss him on the head. From that
moment on there were no secrets, no more hiding, no more tears, and no
more sadness. From that moment on our love was brighter and stronger
than ever. We spent every waking moment together just taking advantage
of the time we had left. Two months passed then three and as I began to
have hope things took a turn for the worst, at four months Aiden wasn’t
able to walk much or stand, his health was decreasing rapidly and his body
was steadily loosing its mass. It was hard for me to watch him endure this,
but I wasn’t going to leave him.
I remember April 12th 2011 like it was yesterday. We were sitting in the
hospital like the days earlier. He was laying in bed as I was reading him a
book. “You wanna know something?” He asked looking at me, his voice
almost inaudible.
“Sometimes I imagine that you and me are like people in a book that fall
in love and have a happily ever after. I’m jealous of them though, because
I won’t ever get my happily ever after with you.”
“Aiden..” I put down the book and sit on the bed. “Lets worry about the
here and now okay? Besides we had a great fairy tale of our own though.”
“You made a a great princess Autumn, better than all the others.” He said
making a smile as big as he could. “And you were a terrific prince that
sweep-ed me off my feet.” I laid next to him and he kissed the top of my
head. “I love you baby.” He whispered.
“I love you too.” And the tears began.
We fell asleep together that night and at 1:09 am on April 13th, 2011
Aiden Wyatt Montgomery passed. Some how I knew that night we spent
together would be his last and in a way I guess I accepted it I certainly
wasn’t okay with it however, but I knew that he was in a much better
It has been over a year since Aiden passed and not a day goes by that I
don’t think about him or miss him. He was everything to me, my love,
hope, inspiration, partner, confidant, and prince. Many people have their
ideas of love and have many different experiences. Love can come and go,
but the memories never fade. Love really is like a fairy tale, the prince
and princess fall in love, they face a bumpy road and an adventure along
the way, and they live happily ever after. Sadly that isn’t the case for me
because my book keeps going even though I wanted it to end with Aiden.
If I have learned anything from being with him, it’s that love is never
perfect but it’s stronger than anyone could ever imagine, it just has to be
put to the test. Where ever Aiden may be I will never forget him and I will
always love him.


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