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Aiden My Brother – Season 1 – Episode 2

On the first day of school Aiden picked me up in his shiny silver cobalt,
not his car of choice but still a car. When arriving at school every one
thought that we had finally started dating, much to their dismay we told
them we weren’t. Time seemed to have flown by it was September and my
birthday was less than 3 days away, I could practically taste the slight
freedom I would soon receive. On Friday the day before my birthday halls
were bustling and excited, ready for the nights football game against our
biggest rivals. I had intended on going with Aiden, that was until I found a
note in my locker inscribed to me. Opening it, it read “Wear something
nice tonight, I have a surprise for you. I’ll pick you up at 7. -Aiden”
I was confused, what was Aiden up to? Rushing home I got ready and
began to turn my clean room into a unbelievable mess with mountains of
clothing. DING DONG. Aiden had arrived right when I slipped on a
yellow sundress. I ran down stairs to greet him, he actually surprised me
with how good he cleaned up. We walked to his car and we headed off to
the city, to my surprise he took me to a nice Italian restaurant and after we
had finished we headed to the beach right when the sun was setting. We
walked by the water and just talked, as the sun finally set fireworks had
suddenly began. It was beautiful and absolutely perfect, I couldn’t believe
that Aiden came up with this, he was more romantic than I thought. As the
light show ended we walked back towards his car when he suddenly
stopped us for a moment. “Autumn..” He said looking at me. I could see in
his eyes that there was something wrong. “What is it?” I asked unsure.
“There is something I need to tell you that I’ve wanted to say to you for a
long time now… and it’s been killing me. So.. here it goes.” I stood there
for a second and began to chuckle. “I can’t believe I’m doing
this.” ..”Aiden what is it?” I felt my heart begin to skip. “Autumn… I love
you. I have for a long time… I just never got the chance or rather I was
way to scared to tell you. I don’t want this to change us, and I’m not
looking for you to say it too. I just I can’t keep going without telling you
this, cause it’ll make me sick.” He finished and simply looked at me. I
didn’t know what to do or what to say. “Aiden…” I was in shock. “Like I
said Autumn I’m not looking for you to say it back, I just want you to
know.” He flashed me a smile and slowly turned around.
I stood there petrified. What was this going to do to us? Would it change
everything? Of course it would, I was just too afraid to see it clearly or
even think about it. I began to walk and I started to realize that this whole
time somewhere inside of me I had feelings for him too, I had just
repressed them. I was scared but, I guess it’s true that you do fall for your
best friend. I looked up and Aiden was already by his car waiting for me,
all of a sudden I was running. He saw me and began to walk my way and
and in an instant I was holding and kissing him. “I love you.” I said with a
smile stretched across my face.
I could see in his eyes that he was astonished yet as happy as could be.
That amazing night I will forever remember because it was the happiest
day of my life, September 3rd, 2007.

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