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Aiden My Brother – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

Aiden My Brother

Aiden My Brother

This story is not based on
fiction or fantasy, but a story
of true and beautiful love. A
love that was full of life and
color, that was never dull or
quiet. A love that was truly one
of a kind. We had a beautiful
beginning and a wonderful
middle sadly however we
never got our happily ever
Aiden and I first met in our
Freshmen year of High school in our English class, lets say it wasn’t
exactly love at first sight. In fact we practically hated one another, we
were constantly at each others throats and we were both too stubborn and
hot headed to get past this strange wall of anger that had been built
between us. Towards the middle of Freshmen year we had finally reached
talking terms, and by the end of it we were hanging out everyday at lunch
and almost every other day outside of school, but Sundays were the one
day we were always together because we both attended the same church.
We were constantly questioned if we were dating and all that he and I
could do was laugh. We were best friends and the thought of people seeing
us as more than that seemed simply ridiculous.
Time went on and as Freshmen year ended and the summer began Aiden
and I began to spend more and more time together and became practically
inseparable. We each had our summer flings with other people but nothing
serious, at the end of the day though there he and I were sitting on my
patio with a drink in our hands and simply laughing and just talking about
the people we met, the things we’ve done, and places we’ve been seen over
the summer. Before we knew it Sophomore year had finally began. We
were finally getting out of that awkward stage of high school and moving
up the food chain. Able to drive and at the age where we could finally get
a part time job, well at least Aiden could considering that his birthday was
a day before school started and mine wasn’t until September.


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