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Agonies Of A HouseHelp Season 1 Episode 18

My madam was seating in the sitting room impatiently waiting for me to come back when I entered with the change firmly folded inside my right hand.

I shot out my hand immediately to give her the change without waiting for her to demand for it and she took it abruptly and angrily from my hand.

Her face was all squeezed up and frowned.

Then I turned to go.

I knew madam wasn’t happy so I wanted to leave her presence as fast as I could.

As I made the move to leave, she called me back angrily and asked me why I want to separate her husband and her.

The question took me by surprise and I momentarily couldn’t reply.

“I don’t understand ma,” I replied looking confused and troubled.

“Oh spare me those pretences,” she countered. “Just know that your days in this house are numbered.”

I trembled as I heard those words.

I wasn’t ready to go back to the village at that point so if madam’s statement was anything to go by then I was in deep trouble.

“I’m sorry ma,” I apologised to mellow her anger.

“Sorry for your stupid self,” she snapped. “Come on go and find something doing and get out of my sight,” she added.

In obedience I left her presence and went into the kitchen and sat on the mortar as usual.

Then I drifted into deep thought.

There was no way I could possibly return to the village without Oga’s consent and as things stood currently, oga was firmly by my side if not for any other thing, for the hornilicious services I offer him every night free of charge…

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