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Agonies Of A HouseHelp Season 1 Episode 14

From that night onwards, madam’s husband became friendly once again towards me to the great consternation of my madam.

The husband defended me at the slightest opportunity leaving my madam marvelled and confused.

There was a day my madam hit me for spilling water mistakenly on the kitchen floor while washing plate.

That day was a saturday and my madam’s husband didn’t go to work.

The pain of the flattened right palm of my madam landing on the mid-region of my back made me shout out as she continued the assault unperturbed.

Hearing my scream from inside the bedroom, my madam’s husband hurriedly ran from the bedroom to the kitchen to find out what was happening.

“Could you imagine that this stupid girl carelessly poured water on the floor upon all my warning,” my madam explained as soon as the husband got to the kitchen.

“And so bloody what?” The husband barked shocking my madam into silence. She had expected her husband to support her like before but surprisingly the response she got was more shocking than expected.

“Enough is enough with these your wickedness,” the husband continued. “And let this be the last time you will ever treat this young girl like this. I even regret why I bailed you from that police custody, wicked woman.” The husband bawled.

My madam couldn’t utter any word in reply. She was deeply stunned by her husband’s sudden and unexpected outburst worsened by the fact that it all happened in the presence of the most insignificant of people – my humble self.

The husband turned and went back into the bedroom.

My madam stood still not knowing what to do again. I stood where I was equally confused.

At long last she slowly went into the bedroom with her husband while I remained in the kitchen half-happy and half-confused.

Through out that day my madam didn’t utter any word to me. She didn’t issue any order as usual and I did just the chores I knew I had to do.

The whole house remained silent like a grave yard sake for the occasional cries of the baby which stopped as soon as my madam intervened with breast milk and lullabies.

And so the silence continued till night came and everyone went to bed.

Around 3am, the husband tip-toed into my room once again to enjoy my young innocent honey pie…

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