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Agonies Of A HouseHelp Season 1 Episode 13

The husband’s countenance towards me changed dramatically after that night and became harsh and aggressive.

He barked at me at the slightest opportunity and complained about everything I did.

The day I mistakenly poured water on the floor while trying to fetch drinking water, I got a very dirty slap on my face and a promise to make it worse next time I ever tried it again.

My madam noticed the change in the husband’s behaviour too and wondered secretly within herself even though she didn’t mention it to me.

One evening while I was washing plates inside the kitchen, madam’s husband came into the kitchen and stood quietly behind me.

It was when he cleared his throat that I turned abruptly and my legs shivered.

“You think you’re smart right?” He asked staring at me.

“No sir,” I replied still trembling. “I’m sorry sir.”

“You rejected my proposal right?” He asked again. “I will make this house very unbearable for you till you learn your lesson.”

The words sent shivers down my spine and my legs wobbled out of fear.

During my quiet moment I thought about all my madam’s husband said to me and felt the need to give him what he wanted atleast to have his support.

Madam’s maltreatment alone was hell not to talk of when Oga joined in the maltreatment, the situation was terribly horrible.

But then I didn’t know how to call the husband and tell him my decision.

Day after day, more and more punishments came my way and Oga stopped intervening in madam’s mistreatment unlike before when he never supported my madam.

Then one evening when I came to clear the dishes which the husband used in eating water melon, I gathered courage and blinked my left eye to him which he instantly interpreted and kept silent.

I had learnt back in the village in normal gossip among village teens that blinking to a man signified interest so at that point I had to employ it on my madam’s husband.

Then that night, the expected happened.

My madam’s husband sneaked into my room and this time I didn’t resist.

In the darkness of the night, his fingers searched for the wetness of my young orifice and when he found it, fingered it gingerly.

Then he ordered me to pull my pant and I obeyed instantly out of fear.

He opened my legs wide and lay on top of me as I felt a hard part of him push into me and felt sharp severe pain.

I restrained myself from screaming for fear of waking my madam but I couldn’t help muffling a groan.

He wasn’t gentle at all and moved in and out of me erratically till he started convulsing like an epileptic and I felt warm liquid spurt into me.

Then he collapsed on top of me panting.

Next thing he got up, wore his boxers and tiptoed back into their master bedroom…

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