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Agonies Of A HouseHelp Season 1 Episode 12

Later in the evening, when my madam’s husband came back from work, he called me aside and asked me why I was crying in the morning.

“Nothing sir,” I replied not wanting to betray myself.

“Come on dear,” he urged on. “Your madam is not here so be free and tell me what happened.”

I kept silent for some seconds before I replied.

“Madam flogged me with wire,” I revealed. “And hid it under the bed.”

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes sir,” I replied. “Please let me finish up with the plates,” I added.

“Ok,” he replied and left.

I finished washing the plate and went to dispose off refuse for the day.

I didn’t go over to Chidimma’s compound to call her like before so I came back early.

Then I proceeded to look after the little baby as madam took her evening bath.

There was this way my madam’s husband was looking at me that made me uncomfortable but I pretended like I didn’t notice.

I focused on the baby I was babysitting and ignored him completely.

My madam soon finished taking her bath and joined us in the sitting room.

She collected her baby from me and ordered me into the kitchen.

I obeyed immediately and left the sitting room.

Inside the kitchen I thought about my life. There wasn’t any hope that I would go to school and my madam and her husband didn’t seem to be thinking in that direction.

Then I thought about my madam’s husband and the way he had been looking at me recently and wondered what exactly he had in mind.

At fifteen, my breast had developed to a sizeable extent and my hips were innocently rounded.

Could that be what the husband was staring at? I couldn’t tell.

I sat in the kitchen till it was time to prepare dinner then I set to work grinding, pounding and cutting the necessary condiments needed for the soup.

When I was done, I took over the baby while my madam set to work.

Within 2hours, the soup was ready so she and her family ate first before mine was dished into one rubber plate and I ate without any complaint or grudges.

I then proceeded to wash the dishes used in preparing and serving the food before I finally went to bed.

Around 1.00am midnight, my madam’s husband sneaked into my room while I was fast asleep and started touching me all over.

I woke up with a start, shocked and surprised but he hushed me and begged me to cooperate but I resisted and pleaded with him not to force me.

Feeling angry and humiliated, he tiptoed out of my room and went back to their master bedroom…

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