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African Lust – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

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Story Title: African Lust 

Episodes: 6

Category: 18+

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Episode 1



Sean awoke at daybreak as the light crept into the large master bedroom. He was not alone. There was a soft black arm around his neck with her hand lightly rubbing him on his small chest. He felt another hand sliding into his briefs and gently finding his young cock. Sean was mesmerized with the touch of a mature woman cuddling him.


It was Afia, the wife of his father’s boss. She gently gave kisses to his neck and cheek.


The white boy of 14 years old had never had this happen. He was nervous but enjoyed the touch. He could feel her rather large breasts on his back and her right leg over his thigh. His cock began to stiffen as her hand clutched it. It was mind blowing for a boy so young that had never had sex. Yes, he had masturbated but this was his first time in bed with a female, let alone a black African woman of 28.


Afia rolled him from his side to his back on the bed. She then placed her breasts on his chest and kissed him on his mouth.


“You are so lovely my child. You are about to experience your first true love making and the climax that follows”, Afia said softly.


Sean’s heart was racing and he just knew that she was about to seduce him … he was really hard now. What he did not know was there was another person to join them in bed.


The door opened and in came Afia’s husband. Sean froze in fear. He could only think the worst … That her husband would kill both of them.


Her husband removed his bathrobe and sat on the bed. He was tall and much darker than his wife.


He was quite imposing. He was 6′-4″ lean and muscular man of 36 years old. As a bi-sexual, he always dreamed of seducing a young white boy. Now was the opportunity. He began pulling Sean’s briefs down all the way to his ankles. Sean was startled … what the hell was this man doing?


“Honey, don’t be afraid. You are going to enjoy this … the two of us loving on you,” Afia whispered. She held his wrists just above his head and pushed her breasts more against him.


Her husband held Sean’s legs as he bent over kissed him on his stomach and thigh. Then Sean felt his mouth over the head of his throbbing cock. He squirmed in the clutches of their hands holding him down.


This was not love making … it was rape. The black man was now sucking him as his wife was kissing him.


Sean began to quit wiggling and began enjoying this strange feeling of being seduced. The man pushed his left hand under Sean’s buttocks and held him firmly. His other hand fondled his testicles as he continued shucking Sean’s cock.




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