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Adventure With A Married Woman (+18) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Adventure With A Married Woman

Adventure With A Married Woman (+18)

Hi, I am T, I am a 27-year-old guy living on lagos island. I want you to know every story am dropping are mine. I am a very sexually active person. Also not to brag but I am 6.0 ft tall, dark and well built with athletic shape. And I wanted to share something that happened a couple of days back. Just as a back story, I partly do some fashion online business. I sell some female turkey dresses and also deal with male wears as well. One day I was just browsing the internet and I saw a strange number that send me a message via whatsapp asking for a particular beautiful black turkey gown. When I check the goods with me I discover i have enough of the gown, so I told her I have and she said she need one and she need it to go to a party over the weekend. I didnt talk to much. I drop my account number and I ask her to send money so that i can send it true dispatch rider. After some couple of minute I got an alert for the dress, then I message her that I have gotten the alert and I will make sure the cloth get to her as soon as possible. So around that moment I was very busy and I was unable to go give the cloth to dispatch rider. by the time I will be free I discover it is late and I need to deliver the cloth so she can be able to use it. I couldn’t have any option than to make sure I find a solution. I think of a lot of solution but I couldn’t figure out any so I have to go deliver the goods myself to Ikeja. I close shop cos I was managing a shop with my sister and am usually the one that always close the shop. I quickly close the shop, then I have to go enter a buss at obalende side. When I get to obalende it was 7:30pm already and I have the believe they might not be holdup by that time. So on my way going I discover they are much hold up and the road is stock. I was in the hold up for like an hour. Later the buss started moving and before I know it, it was around 10pm I got to Ikeja. When i reach Ikeja buss stop I called her that it is me and I want to deliver her cloth for her. She picked the call, then ask me to take a bike to her house. I also quickly pick a bike and in less than 10min I find myself in her gate. I knock the gate and I saw a beautiful and sexy black woman, i guess she will be around her late or middle 30s. she is tall, fit, bosty, smiling with her white set of tooth. She ask me to come in, I move in and head to her apartment. When I get to her apartment I discover she was the only one inside the apartment. I ask her about her husband and kids; she told me her husband is in new jersey,U.S.A and her kids went for holiday at her in-law’s place at Ibadan. She said so ‘she is the only one at home’. well, it is non of my business. I hand over the cloth to her and she open it and at the same time asking me if she can offer me a food or drink. I told her I want cos I haven’t observe my dinner. She drop the cloth on the chair and go bring out hot amala with semo. Me that am hungry, I started eating without bothering to even wash my hand. At that point that am eating I check the time and I disvover it is already 11pm and at the same time she was busy undressing herself so she can test the gown. When I look up I notice she is already naked. I saw a very black beautiful panther, shining, huge sexy standing boobs with a very thick nipple in front of me. She put on the dress that I brought for her now then asking me if it looks beautiful in her. I told her it beautiful and it bring her shape very well. She smile while looking at my eyes in a seductive way. however, I’m already done with my food so she pack it and i move to the kitchen with her to go wash my hand. She ask me if I can still go home by this time and I said no that it already late. So she ask if I will sleep till tomorrow, I said yes. Then she said okay. She take me to one room and ask me to go shower if I want. So she lock the door and go. I undress myself, enter shower. My dick was so hard in the shower cos am already having a lot of fantasies about her. I use up to ten minute playing with my dick in the shower and also thinking about fucking her. I Later left the shower to put on my boxer. So not quite long I hear her knocking at the door, I quick stand up and go open the door for her. She came in looking at me up and down then she immediately noticed my boxer and the bulge in it due to the erection. She gave me a snarky smile and said ‘do you need anything?’ i said no then after that. For a second there I was embarrassed. But I did not care as she seemed a bit into me. She smile and go out back. After some minute I go knock her door room and she ask me to come in. I go in and discover she is naked lying on the bed pressing phone. She was not even rushing to use some cloth to cover her body. She ask me what I want and I said nothing. She ask again with a cool voice now and by also dropping her phone at the same time ‘that what do you want’, now I reply I said ‘you’. She ‘me’ I said ‘yes’. at this point she seat very well looking straight into my eyes then ask what do you want from me? I open my tongue, then she said ‘you want to suck my pussy?’ I said ‘yes’. She said are you good at it I said ‘yes’. she ask me to come close. Now I move close, lock my lips on her lips. Now I lay her down flat, and we started making out intensely. We quite literally did not let go of lip lock for a few minutes. So I let it be until she got comfortable. I started kissing her whole body. She then slowly took her hand down my underwear. I knew she was ready. So I slowly started pressing her boons and pulled her nipple slowly with just two fingers. And let me be frank, I have been with a couple of married women before. But I had met them from dating apps or in a club. Married women are never a disappointment. They are sweet and so romantic. But this lady she was great looking I mean perfect curves, hot boobs, a well-groomed pussy. She was an awesome kisser so far. By the way, till this point, I didn’t ask her name even while on chat. So not to continue to be rude I asked her two things what’s her name and if she wanted condoms. She said her name was dlp*** and I replied beautiful but i will be calling you mama and then she said she doesn’t want condoms. That she has a perfect bill of health. But if I did not feel comfortable I could use one nonetheless. I was pretty sure I was her first after marriage. So I said I would love to not use a condom. She got excited and asked me to stand on the floor. She got down on her knee and started stroking me and my dick. (just to let you know I have a pretty big dick, after all, I am 6.0ft tall) She started saying she has never fuck a young dude before that I am the first and she love my confident. she said even thou she Found it not cool fucking a young dude but when she saw my picture on WhatsApp the day she message me, she already have a fantasy of flirting with me. I smile now then I said if she wanted she can kiss and suck my dick. Man, did she just jump into just sucking my dick. She kinda bit into my dick couple of times but gently so I did not mind it. She suck my dick so good, lick the head of my cock, gag me and play with my balls for about 15 or so minutes. I knew she would not mind continuing. But I stopped her. But I knew like all women she also liked to be a bit of center of attention when it comes to sex. So I asked her to stand up and then pushed her onto the bed. I jumped on top of her and started kissing her from the head. I slowly made my way down to her pussy with my tongue. Then slowly I stroked it with my hand then started kissing and licking it. In a few minutes, I started putting my tongue all the way into her pussy. I lick her whole pussy, suck her big and bulg clitoris so good. She started moaning loudly. I did not stop, i keep sucking, also tongue fucking. Now she scream and said you are so good baby. Keep sucking me. I suck her for two hours straight with no single break. When sucking and licking her I discover she as cum for about 6 time and when it get to the 7the time she scream so cloud and wanted to run a way. I hold her so tit, sucking her clitoris so hard and aggressively. I suck hee until she she is crying and ask me to and the whole time she was just moaning and saying baby you the world best. I make her relax a bit then I ask can I fuck you and she said yes, I got on top of her again and slowly let her navigate my dick into her sweet wet pussy. Initially, she just made a hissing sound as if she was feeling a bit of pain but was licking it. Now she told me little Boi fuck me good, its been years I got handle by someone nasty like you. So now I raise her two leg up, stroking my dick in and out with slow pace, i Increase it gently now fucking her deeper. She gasped now with eyes open telling you are a young Boi with good dick. Now am going faster, she was screaming and moaning “OOOHH!!! BABY, FUCK!!!, BABY YOU SO GOOD, YES, RIGH THERE, BABY YOU HITTING IT RIGHTLY. I was fucking her harder and looking straight into her eye ball at the same time. She was scream so really loud now asking ‘BABY YOU LOVE THAT PUSSY RIGHT’, BABY YOUR DICK FIT THAT PUSSY, BABY FUCK MOMMA SO GOOD. I fuck her in missionary style for about 25min before we move to doggy. I turn her to doggy, fucking her harder with my hard dick. Mehn, she is a good fucker as well. She was trowing back her ass not too slow and not too rough. I was enjoying the trow back of that ass while my dick is touching her she was scream and calling me little Boi. I fuck her good now for up to 15min before I finally release and we both collapsed on the bed. I sleep over there and I finally wake up in the morning and left for shop.

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