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Actor; Tyrese Gibson Recounts Experience At Jeannie Mai & Jeezy’s Wedding

Hollywood actor, Tyrese Gibson has taken to his social media page, where she recounted his experience at Jeannie Mai & Jeezy’s Wedding and according to him, what he experienced between them gave him hope.

According to a lengthy post by the actor and singer, he has seen the way they both look at each other and although he is waiting on his divorce to be finalized, he could not help feel hope that one day, he will do it again and it will be his last try.

“Waited to post until I was cleared to post I have to tell you guys I’ve been to more than a few weddings but I have never been apart of if such a beautiful moment in my life….

I seen the way they were looking at each other and the way they held each other and although I’m waiting on my D: to be finalized…. The love I witnessed between these two gave me hope that one day I will do it again ans this time it will be my LAST KISS my LAST HUG and my LAST DANCE….

Shiut to @jeezy Man oh man we’ve had so many heart to hearts and moments over the years but we’re closer now than we’ve ever been…. One if those unexpected brotherhoods that I cherish…

We don’t just laugh and talk small talk we have those HARD conversations and always walk away holding each other to that pressure to DO better…… Congratulations to the JENKINS…… Honored m, blessed and grateful to be apart of your life changing beautiful night….

The funniest thing was the call went like this…..

Jeezy: “What up King I never ever ask but I need you”….

Ty: ok what’s good bro…..

J: are you avail on the?

Ty: of course I will be in the AtL on that date: I said what you got bro?….

[ he refuse to tell me ] J: I can’t tell you I just needed you to pull up it’s gonna be special and I need you to surprise my wife for our FIRST DANCE and sing SWEET LADY…..
Ty: Your wife? Whoa….. it’s about to be real real?

J: Yeah bro…..
Ty: done and done……. Done and done…

“Sweet Lady would you be my, sweet love for a lifetime I’ll be there when you need me just call and receive me”…..

#StoryBookWedding…. I got home and just sat there on my couch in the master bedroom staring at the ceiling in a daze pondering and processing…. We all have to remind ourselves to never ever give up on love and hope that God sends you that LIFETIME love….. If you agree say AMEN!

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