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Act Of An Abuse – Season 2 – Episode 4

Episode 4

lorenta is been checked from time to time as her baby bump was becoming obvious and she’s been taken care of by mrs becca herself  with intensive care.

mrs becca had adopted lorenta a month ago after devien is been sentenced to 30 years life imprisonment and on that certain day he was surprised to learn that lorenta was pregnant and he won’t stop giving her hard glares and if looks could kill i bet she’d be dead.

now lorenta is happy and in content with her new mother who always spoil her with love and attention.

alex always treats her like a sister. he was like the brother she never had and she couldn’t stop thanking them for all what they have done for her.

” mom! alex is here”. lorenta called her mother who was in the kitchen cooking dinner.

” oh alex what a pleasant surprise how was your trip”. she asked as she adjust the kitchen apron on her body.

“guess who’s with me …?” alex went to the door and gestured to aman to come in.

“what is he doing here.. huh?”.lorenta tighted her face as soon as she saw the man.

“he said he’s here to ask for your forgiveness… can you hear him out please”.alex told her.

“i’m so sorry lorenta my sweet daughter.. i was so blinded by your step mother that i let her ruined your life.. she’s a devil in disguise… i wish i had known earlier she took all my wealth and left me with nothing.. pls forgive me my daughter i promise to be a good father”. her father said to her in tears pleading with her.

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