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Act Of An Abuse – Season 2 – Episode 3

Episode 3

devien was in the house having sex with one of his whore when the police came to arrest him and he was surprise behond compare cos though he was a drug lord he hide his identity well and no one knew so why is the police after him.

” you must have been mistaken… this is a joke right”.he told the police men faking a dry laugh as he reaches for his gun and shoots a police officer on his arm but the other officers were smart as they shot him on his leg and forcefully took him away as they called an ambulance who’s to take the wounded police officer to the hospital.

” he has been caught!… do you know devien was a dangerous drug lord who kills and kidnap anyone with ease” and that is why he always brutal with you and thank goodness you didn’t tell him you are pregnant cos if you did he could have killed you”. Alex narrated everything that has happened to lorenta and his sister as they listened attentively with urge of happiness visible in their eyes.

” so now what‘s next”. lorenta asked alex with happiness knowing fully well that her husband is finally going to pay for all his wrong deeds towards her.

“we are going to file a complaint against him and with his numerous crimes he’s ought to rot in jail that i assured you” he told her staring at her intensely.

lorenta was reliefed and tears of joy started streaming down her eyes. so finally she will be free from the hands of her cruel husband.

“it’s ok “.. we are here now.. they consoled her.

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