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Act Of An Abuse – Season 2 – Episode 2

Episode 2

mrs becca brother alex came to visit a minute later after lorenta just finished freshening up and went downstairs.

she saw them engulfed in a discussion and as they sighted her they gestured to her to come sit with them.”meet my brother alex.. he’s the human right activist i told you about” alex this is lorenta the girl i told you about”. nice meeting you“. alex stood up and gestured to lorenta who just nodded taking a seat on the couch.

as they discussed their plans of making her husband pay..

” so now we are going to sue him to court for inhuman abuse and molestation” he won’t know what hit him..”. alex told them ressuring them with a smile.

devien called gideon his spy and asked him about his wife and he was reassured that she’s there. just then a police officer came to gideon and arrested him… leading him to the waiting police van and as he tried to escape he was shot on the arm and apprehended.

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