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Act Of An Abuse – Season 2 – Episode 1 – 5]

Act of an Abuse

Act of an Abuse

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Story Title: Act of an Abuse

Episodes: 4

Category: 18+

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Episode 1

devien told one of his men to watch over lorenta while he got into his car and drove off.

mrs becca knowing fully well that they are been watched hatch a plan by making a young woman act like lorenta and she is been placed on the hospital bed.. while she sneaked lorenta to her car and drove off without the knowledge of the spy who’s closeby watching their every time movement.

” thanks so much doctor… you are really smart.. just look at how we fooled the spy sent by my husband”. lorenta said to her breathing out in relief.

“don’t thank me.. just yet until i get justice for you and that i will”. mrs becca said to her staring at her as she drives holding the stirring wheel.

mrs becca has called her brother to meet her at home as they drove to her compound and she look around to see if they are been followed and gestured to lorenta that the coast is clear and she can come out of the car  already.

you can have a seat.. while we wait for my brother” she told her as lorenta sat down on a semi huge couch looking around the house.

” are you married?..”.lorenta asked mrs becca whose mood changed immediately to a sad one.

” i was once married but my husband always abuse me… just like yours did to you.. a..and it get to a point i couldn’t take it anymore… my brother always sees bruises on my face but i always tell a lie to cover him up cos i loved him but on one fateful day he was hitting me and my brother came to visit just when he took a knife and stabbed me repeatedly and he beat him to a pope and carried me in his hands as he called the ambulance and they took me away… as for my husband he was apprehended and sentenced to life imprisonment… everyone then thought i wasn’t going to make it but here i am living independently without any husband cos i am contented this way.” mrs becca told her shaking the horrible memories away as lorenta stared at her with concern knitted on herface.

“i’m sorry about.. your past i wish i had someone to save me just like your brother did and then my life won’t be wrenched like this my father who i thought will have my back didn’t even care about me.. not even for once did he care about me. he had left me to suffer a cruel fate”. lorenta said in tears thinking about the painful memories.

“it’s ok nowi’m here now i will be what they couldn’t to you.. ifyou want i can adopt you once all this is over and you will be my daughter”.mrs becca stands up to meet her hugging her and comforting her.


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