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Act Of An Abuse – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Chapter 5

lorenta narrated all her ordeals to her and the doctor was so surprised.

” don’t worry i’m going to help you… my brother is a human right activist and he will be very willing to help you cos he has help many helpless girls like you that are being abused excessively.. and as of now it starts you will be going home with me and i’m going to make sure your husband pays for what he did the bruises on your face is quite obvious“. mrs becca told her reassuring her of her safety and just then devien came in and lorenta quickly cleaned her eyes acting like nothing has happened earlier.

” so doctor whats the result“. he asked like a gentle man anybody that sees him now will probably think that he’s a saint which he’s not.

“well due to the test carried out on her we discovered she’s very sick and will have to be admitted to the hospital instead it can be deadly for her”. mrs becca lied to him in order to actualise her plans which she had already put in motion.

“ok then“. ” i will be leaving her in your hands.. make sure you take good care of her for me cos i don’t want any harm to come to her… i love her so much” devien said in pretense as lorenta looked at him with a shocked look on her face.

” what?…” she thought .

“ok love… i will be going now“. he came close to lorenta and pecked her on the cheeks before attempting to leave.

” don’t worry mr devien we will… she’s certainly in safe hands“. mrs becca told him with a smile and he nodded as he left closing the door behind him.

” i know devien.. he won’t just leave me in the hospital like that i think… he will send someone to spy on me to be really sure…we are not lieing“. lorenta told mrs becca with a fright.

” don’t worry that’s why we are going to be one step ahead of him”. mrs becca told lorenta calming her down by putting her hands on her shoulder patting it.

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