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Act Of An Abuse – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

“get ready we are going to the hospital… to check you up and if you are pregnant and if it’s what i think… i’m not going to spare you“. davien told lorenta and left the room as she stared blankly tired of her life.. what is the point of living anyway maybe she should just end her life cos she’s tired of all this abuse and insult all the time… how can he say this to her when he had warned her against using contraceptives and here he’s threatening her and she just prayed silently hoping she’s not pregnant cos she’s really going to be toasted if she is.

the drive to the hospital was quite silent as devien driver drove them in front of the hospital and parked the car. as he hurriedly came to open the back door for devien and he got out while lorenta got out too looking pale. she had been in thought ever since he threatened her…

they went inside the hospital and lorenta went with a nurse to carry out the test. minute later she was called to the office to see the doctor while devien has to answer a call as he wave her off to go before him.

“good morning miss devien thompson… please have your seat“. the doctor gestured to her. as lorenta sat on the chair with a heavy heart due to the test carried on her she was so afraid.

“due to the test carried on you… we discovered that you are pregnant… 4 weeks pregnant”. the doctor told her and was suprised as she breaks down .”oh no doctor’.. please tell me you are joking cos i’m finished” lorenta broke down in tears as she fears for the worst devien will be there anytime from then and she will be doomed.

“what do you mean by that?… you have a husband don’t you” mrsbecca the doctor asked her confused

“doctor you wont understand”. she replied her as she cried more further

” then let me understand.. so i can help you“.mrs becca said to hertrying to understand what is going on.

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