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Act Of An Abuse – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

lorenta woke up with an urge to throw up and she rushed to the bathroom to empty all the thing on her stomach and she started feeling dizzy.

“what could be the problem..?”. she thought as she washed her face and got out of the bathroom and going to the mirror canter she discovered she was looking pale and signed as she undress and grabbed a towel heading back to the bathroom to bath cos she will have to prepare devien breakfast early or she will be in trouble.

she had her bath and came out but was shock when she saw devien already on the bed waiting for her.

“come here”. he said to her staring at her with a dark expression.

good morning…” lorenta manage to say as she moves closer to him in fright.

davien got a hold of her and looses her towel slamming his lips on her neck and pushing her on the bed. and just then lorenta moved away from him as she rushes to the bathroom to throw up again.

she came out to see an angry devien as he moves to her and yank her on the bed not caring that she’s not feeling well.

“don’t tell me.. you are pregnant cos if you are i will bloody skin you alive “. he yelled at her as he got on top of her loosing his belt.

he positioned himself at her entrance and drove into her... riding heron a rough route and when he was done… he buckled his belt and stood up from the bed.

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  • You don’t want her pregnant and you are fucking her like a bitch Damien is sick upstairs

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