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Act Of An Abuse (Forced Marriage) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Act of an Abuse

Act of an Abuse

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title: Act of an Abuse

Episodes: 4

Category: 18+

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She was forced by her step mom into marriage to a ruthless man who never loved her and always finds fault to abuse her with every slightest chance he got..

how she going to be saved and who’s going to be her knight in shining armor….

Episode 1

Lorenta is seen in the kitchen cooking when she heard loud hornoutside the house and she doesn’t need a fork teller to tell her that davien her husband has arrived home. and anytime he’s home she’s always anxious cos trouble is on it way for her.

She quickly started cutting the spinach, that she accidentally cut her hand in the process “ouch!”. she winced as she wash off the blood in the running tap.

She didn’t care about the wound as she off the tap and continue cutting the spinaches.

Just then she heard the door creaked open and her heart started hammering against eachother.

lorentaaa!! davien called hoarsely in the sitting room and she left the spinaches in a haste and left to answer him but she was surprised with a resounding slap instead.

“were you deaf?! before”.  ” what took you so long”. davien thundered as he gripped her hair tightly and yank her to the floor roughly.

” i’m sorry.. please forgive me.. i was in the kitchen cooking when you called and i came running immediately… please spare me”.lorenta pleaded in tears even though she knew he wasn’t going to hear her pleas cos this wasn’t the first time he’s doing this and she was hoping he was going to have a change of heart but he didn’t instead he looses his belt and started wiping her mercilessly that lorenta weeps continually but he wouldn’t stop.

he got on top of her ripped her dress apart and starting devouring her boobs and his hands went to her pants which he tore in a glimpse.

and he brought out his rod and plugged into her.

“ahhh” lorenta winced as he rode on her roughly yanking her hair in the process.

when he finally reached climax..he pulled out of her and left lorenta there on the floor wincing in pain.

“make sure my food is ready by the time i‘m done changing” damien told lorenta before heading off the stairs and not caring about the crying lorenta.

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