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“A Woman’s Body Is First Heaven, Treat Her With Love And Care” – BBN Star Ka3na Advice Fans(Photo)

The reality star Katrina fondly called the boss lady has taken to her Instagram page to enlighten and tipped her fans on how to treat women be it mother, sister, fiancee, or wife while she refers to their body as heaven. She also shared a delectable photo.

Everyone prays to end up in heaven thereby we try to do good things to end in Paradise. So if a women’s body is first heaven men got a lot to do to enjoy heaven on earth. Women are inevitable, their absence in a home makes the home boring they can be likened to salt, the absence of salt in a meal will make the taste bland. Talking about women’s unique body that is designed uniquely to bring forth new life. Katrina says women deserve good things spoil them with love and affection because they are essential for a good life.

The mother’s body is the child’s first home that provides warmth, food, and shelter. No harm can come to a fetus without the woman feeling the pain first before the unborn child. What can be used to compliment a woman for her sacrifices? Can one pay off his or her mother for the pains she went through from conception to delivery? The main pain called labor pain is out of this world. Women should be respected. Or do you want me to talk about the pain that some young girls pass through every month during their menstrual cycle?.

Katrina is a wise lady and her thoughtfulness makes her stand out from other ex-housemates. She is smart. Her word today should be taken seriously, or what is your view on her words?.

See her photo caption

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