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A Week With Her Boss🔞 – Part 9

A Week With Her Boss🔞

A Week With Her Boss🔞

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mr lamant was the same. he hardly make a sentence when we are working, only to pass files across to me

lunch came, and the leftover food from morning was reheated, then w resumed working. we worked for few more hours before he told me to rest.

“take a rest now. dinner should be ready by 7:00” he directed.

“yes sir!” I dropped the files on his desk. I was halfway to the door when he called me.

.”Cara” i turned waiting for him to talk.

“I…um…”he hesitated

“I only wanted to… never mind get some rest and prepare yourself for dinner”

“you don’t need my help” I asked eyeing him suspiciously.

he nodded.


my suspicions were confirmed. there is something bothering mr lamant. I went back to my room still thinking of what it might be. I never knew the cat would be let out of the bag before dinner.

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on my way to call mr lamant for dinner, I over heard his conversation with someone on the phone.

“Cara is staying and that’s final” his voice was harsh.

I didn’t hear what the person said but his reply shocked me

“i’m the boss here and I decide who stays and who does not. so mr McCoy tell the others that Cara is staying. if you are not comfortable with that then you quit. I’d there are thousands of people willing to buy your shares”

seconds after he laughed trying to hold his anger in

“do not forget it’s just a mistake and I’ve punished he for that”

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silence followed then he talked again.

“i’m done having this conversion mr McCoy. it’s Cara and no one else” he said then drop the call

I stood there Shell shocked.I couldn’t believe my ears. my legs wouldn’t move even if I tried to.

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mr lamant is fighting with the shares holders because of me….

no I’m not getting this right….

when he took over the company years ago he fired all his dad’s employees but me..


now he is fighting with the share holders because of me

my hands trembles and mistakenly my phone fell. I was quick to pick it but it out race me

“Cara?” mr lamant voice followed.

“Cara is that you?”

“dammit” I muttered slamming my fist on the floor.

“yes…yes sir I wanted to inform you that dinner is ready”

“I’ll be there in 5”

what I heard got me worried. even though I spend a week with him, there is still chance of me losing my job. mr lamant might be the boss but he won’t make a decision without the approval of the share holders. now they wants me fired. tears welled up in my eyes, but I was quick to clean them before they fell

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so this was the reason for mr lamant sudden change.

at dinner it seems we reversed roles from breakfast.

mr lamant was the talkative but I’m the moddy one. then a text changed everything.

I got the message from miss Sarah, a nurse at the hospital.

~your dad is awake. he asks to see you ~

my eyes makes contact with mr lamant immediately. he noticed the shock.

“what’s wrong?” he questioned.

“nothing” I answered sharply hiding my phone

“it’s just a random message” I lied.

he nodded slowly then continue eating.

the look on his face told me that he didn’t buy the lie. now he would be seeing me as a liar which i hate. I wish I could just tell him the truth. one more thing.

“how will I get to the hospital?”























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