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A Week With Her Boss🔞 – Part 6

A Week With Her Boss🔞

A Week With Her Boss🔞


My heart was on a marathon as I drive to mr lamants house. what will he have been thinking——- that I ran away???

will he fire me instantly?

I guess I will have to explain dad condition to him.


I can’t found the time I’ve been staring at the big wall clock across the living room. moments pass by, minutes after minutes. still no sign of Cara return.

where did hell did she go?? or did she ran away?

I doubt it. she keeps on telling me she needs this job. so there’s no way she could have run away.

i’m so worried about her right now. I checked the time one more time. it’s past 10. “where is she?” I pondered.


“Cara where have you been?” Richie’s voice came out in a whisper. though I heard it. it’s full of concern.

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mr lamant is worried about me?

I shrugged the thought off. he wouldn’t even care if I don’t show up again. “I got into a little accident” I said looking him straight in the eyes.

he arched his brows checking for signs of injuries.

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“it’s not a big issue. I bumped into a car and the owner got me waiting till we finish repairing his car” I lied.

oh! i’m a bad liar.

cara why would you have lie about something like that. i’m not sure mr lamant would but that lie. I can’t just tell him about dad condition he will know that’s why I need money and use that to taunt me even more than he has been doing. “oh….ok” mr lamant said nodding his head. he looked at me like he suspected

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something but that look was gone before I could confirm it. i’m sure he knew I was lying but decided not to talk.

“you can make us dinner now. i’m going to finish some task here and then I’ll join you” mr lamant said.

maybe it was his tone or the smile he wore as he pick up his coffee and take a sip.

i’m not sure which set off my temper.

“make dinner?” I mimic his emphasis.

mr lamant watches me like he wants to crumble me into a small ball. its very terrifying and I felt like taking my words back. what was I thinking?

suddenly he laughs,shaking his head side to side.

“I let you in and suddenly you forget your place” he faces me, pacing forward until my back makes contact with the wall. we’re so close. almost touching.

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“yes you heard me right. make dinner, go to bed then think over your position much more carefully. you are here to obey me and prove that you are reliable” mr lamant gives me a questioning look

“or do you want the whole office to know that you were fired for fucking up a huge meeting” he leaves quietly having made his point, and I just watch him go.

I need to start supper. but first maybe I could take care of myself. he’s obviously gone for a bit and what I want to cook shouldn’t take long .


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