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A Week With Her Boss🔞 – Part 5

A Week With Her Boss🔞

A Week With Her Boss🔞


I am already halfway to the hospital when I realized that I’m still on the clothes Richie picked for me.

“fuck!” I muttered.

what will the nurse and doctors think of me. my eyes caught the bags of Richie clothe.

“this will do” I said bringing the clothe up.


I can ask feel people’s glare behind me as i walk into the hospital. I’d bet it will be much worse if I hadn’t put on the coat of Richie suit. it’s only left with my short skirt but that can still be considered normal.

nevertheless dad’s health is my utmost priority. I need to v see the doctor.

“miss Cara…..” doctor Smith hesitated.

whatever it is that he is about to say, i’m sure it’s no good and that acknowledgement scares me. something is wrong somewhere. I knew it.

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“miss Cara I’m sorry to say this but your dad second kidney is bad”

time stopped for some seconds upon hearing that. I don’t think I heard him right.

“par…pardon me?”

“i’m sorry….. you will have to look for a donor …….as fast as possible” Dr Smith

repeated laying emphasis on the last part.

“it’s all because of me!”

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“its all because of me!” I weep.

I tried to stop the tears but I couldn’t. I was the unfortunate child. one of my kidney is bad by the time I was born. dad had given me one of his kidney not knowing..

……. it would affect him.

I sobbed and sobbed till I felt that I couldn’t cry no more. dad needs me by his side right now.

“we need to get a donor as fast as we can” the doctor reminds me.

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being poor with a good health might be the best blessing. but I’m poor and have a bad health. mark my little brother’s kidney didn’t match dad’s own. all my life is miserable.

getting a match for dad is now the problem. no it has been for years. I’ve been coming in and out of this hospital for as long as I can remember. the hospital is now like a second home

i entered the room where dad is. tears filled my face once again as I watch him. he lye down peacefully. he looks good on the outside, but inside he’s going through a lot. i wished situations were different.

i sat down by his bed side and take my hands in his. his hands are cool. I bring them to my mouth and blew a light kiss on them.

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“you will be safe dad. i won’t let anything happen to you. I promise”

I woke up to the light tap of someone.

miss Sarah again?

“what do you need?” I arched my brows. i’m slight annoyed that she disturbed my peaceful sleep. I have no idea I would fall asleep here.

“your phone has been ringing for some times now”

“my phone?” she nodded

I picked my phone. “oh thanks” i said and she left. I gasped when I saw the caller.


omg what have I done??

10 missed calls

I’m on the brisk of losing my job. this is just 9:27

if I’d hurry I can get to his house this might and explain things to him. if only he

would understand..





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