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A Week With Her Boss🔞 – Part 2

A Week With Her Boss🔞

A Week With Her Boss🔞


i feel small and plain in black slacks,flats and simple floral blouse as I stand in front of mr lamant house. it’s a mansion like the one you would expect a celebrity to live in

I knocked. few seconds later the for opened.

“hello” I started. seeing Mr lamant I tense.

“Cara” his voice is oddly warm.

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“i’m surprised you showed up” the fact that he is surprised makes me nervous. “no bags? didn’t I tell you that you’ll be staying for a week” mr lamant enters without waiting for my response.

“come along Cara, I’ll show you around” and so we went. bedroom after bedroom,an office,library,an in house gym, study room .

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out of them all, my favorite is the room with the view of the pool and garden. the bed is huge just like a princess own.

“who’s room. is this?” i asked not able to contain my curiosity.

“she doesn’t live here anymore. come, there’s more y to see downstairs” I hope he doesn’t show me a dungeon. I paused and wonder .

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who is she??

i quickly followed him before he looks back and find me waiting.

he stops in front of a room and enters.

mr lamant sat down on a huge chair that seems like a throne.

“kneel!” he commanded.










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