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A Week With Her Boss🔞 – Part 11

A Week With Her Boss🔞

A Week With Her Boss🔞

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the dress came in first thing in the morning as mr lamant had said. i was bewildered When I checked the pack. not about the cloth but other stuffs in it. black pantie that can barely cover my ass.

“fadalaud” I let out with a small sigh spreading the pant. there are others things in the pack also like brassier,body lotion and so on.

i wasted no time in getting in the tub and taking my bath. i got out of the bathroom with a towel tightly tied around my chest.

“Cara let’s do this” i muttered facing the big mirror on the dressing table. firstly I applied the body lotion.

“hmmmmm” I sniffed in the odor. my eyes closed. i’m sure the amount of this lotion would buy many of mine.

to cut the long story short, I went on using every particles I found in the pack. from

body lotion to the dress, perfume,make up……

“yes! i’m good to go” i take a last look at my self in the mirror. the wine fragrant body hug stopped above my knee. it’s hug and fits my body bringing out my shape just as if the clothe had been designed for me.

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who would have imagine that the C.E.O of the biggest company in the whole of new York would know this much about woman dresses. I clutch to my purse stepping out of the room.


I swear I heard the low”wow!” mr lamant made the second I step out of the room. I’d bet he even drool on me for second . I had to make a little cough to bring him back to his senses.

our gaze locked. he looked at me With that devouring eyes that reads

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I wants to rip this clothe off your body and fuck you against the wall” but that look was quick to leave.

“let’s go shall we?” he smiled a little curving his arm. i also returned the smile and link my arm in his.

i wasn’t surprised when he stopped in front of M&K hospital. it’s the same as the one which dad was admitted in. i try to keep my cool.

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“i’m not nervous” I reminded myself. mr lamant got out of the car and waited for

me to do same.

“you ready?”

i nodded not trusting my voice.

that was it, i faced my fears. it’s all like a game. a chess to be precise. i plan on visiting dad. I’ll make adv excuse to get away. but i never knew this game would end today. secrets will open.

conversation was going on well with Selena lamant. despite he illness, she didn’t even show it. she’s dressed in the way you would imagine a billionaire to do. with beautiful smiles plastered on her face. at thatv moment you will despise death.

death. ….. it takes away all the good things. this woman sitting across me Is also

going to be taken away very soon. it almost bring tears to my face. she just felt like my mom. watching her then.. days later heard she’s no more. I did a good job hiding my emotions.

“how many kids do you plan to have?” i look at Richie surprised. Selena question took me off guard.

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“I…um…we..” Richie did the work. he spoke up before I could form a sentence.

“ten… or more” he laughed.

I felt uneasy. I need to get out of here.

“I’ll be right back. I need to use the rest room”

“are you ok?” selena asked.

“yeah” I nodded.

instead of the rest room, I change route age headed for dad’s ward.

“cara”he cried excitedly on seeing me.

“dad” i pulled him in a tight hug.

“i’m sorry dad… i’m so sorry” the tears I’ve new forcing away came down freely.

“Cara!”I heard my name again. it’s not dad this time. the voice is somehow familiar. a man’s own. is bossy too.

in tension I sprung free from the hug. I hope it’s not who in thinking. I turned slowly to look at my caller.

“no way! ” I let out a small gasp. my hands flew to my mouth.




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