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A Week With Her Boss🔞 – Part 10

A Week With Her Boss🔞

A Week With Her Boss🔞

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I still have this intriguing question.

“how will I get to see dad tomorrow” since mr lamant had made it clear that it is a whole day, 24 hours and 7 days that I’ll be spending with him. and there’s no hope that he would be sending me out in the street since I got into that accident…..

obviously that was a lie. thinking of another lie wouldn’t work since he had begin to suspect me.

we finished dinner and said our goodbyes. i went to bed that night with my mind fully made up.

tomorrrow I’ll be coming clean with him. i’m going to tell him the whole truth. yes! that is exactly what I’m going to do after all after this one week with him, i’m not still sure whether I’m going to keep my job. but as it is now….. no more lies ~

so was it. I went to bed with these thoughts in my mind not knowing mr lamant had another mission for me.

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I woke up to the light knock on my door. I sat up and turned on by my side. the knock came again. louder this time.

mr lamant??

I opened the door slowly revealing who I presume to be. mr lamant was standing there with his pyjamas still on.

“hi….um… good morning” my voice a little crooked.

“giod morning Cara” he replied in his usual calm voice “is anything the matter sir” I raised one brow.

” actually I want to discuss something with you” I waited for him to finish

its still dark outside. I dunno what he ways to discuss that can’t wait until morning. “may I come in?”

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“sure” I opened the door wider for him to come inside.. he sat on the bed and I sat beside him. inches apart.

he handed me an envelope I didn’t realize he had been holding all along.he urshed me to open it and I did. in it was a picture of a woman.

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“she’s my mom” he begin. his voice was iced. emotionless. he resumed talking after few minutes of silence.

“the doctor says she has since days left” he hesitated.

“I want to make her happy… just this once. she has spend ask her days looking out for me”his voice was low. down. like he’s trying hard not to break down in my front. I’ve never seen mr lamant this way. not even when his father passed away. “she has always wanted me to get married. she try to set me up with different ladies on blind dates, but I was too busy to attend” he turned to me

“Cara…. i’m visiting her today.I want you to disguise as my fiancee… it’s just for


I swear that is the last thing I’m expecting.

“disguise as a fiancée?” he’s not taking me as the bitch who ruined a huge meeting but as a fiancee

that alone would make me agree if not anything else. even if it’s just today…. i’m

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willing to.

I’ve always fantasied about my cold hearted boss but mr lamant is t not the type who had time for girls.

more or less a secretary like myself so I had to let go of my feelings.

“so,what did you say?” I realize I haven’t said anything since.

ummm…yes… it’s just for today” I repeated and he nodded.

“your dress would be here soon” he was halfway to the door when he stopped abruptly.

“ah! I should give you this also” he dip his hand in his pant and pulled out a small box.I collected it then open it. I gasped when I saw what it was. a sapphire ring. i’m sure it will cost millions of dollar.

“put that on to make it real… mom can’t be easily fooled” he said then left.

I was left to wonder. was he expecting I would say yes!

I had to visit dad and again this…














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