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A Week With Her Boss🔞 – [Part 1 – 15]

A Week With Her Boss🔞

A Week With Her Boss🔞

What happens when Cara gets in the way of her feisty,hot and crazy boss??

His rules are simple

1• come early to work

2• no mistakes

3• do your work diligently.

With family’s issues pestering her, will cara be able to meet up with these rules?!

What happens when she fail to keep up with one of these rules??

She will be sacked or have to meet his demands which is


Will Cara do it and save her job??

Find out what happens in this one full week with her boss


I checked my wristwatch for the hundredth time, as I manage to keep my eyes on

the road.

it’s 7:35

“he’s going to kill me” I muttered as i try to drive my way out of the noisy,yet busy road.

i’m stucked in a traffic and there’s no hope that it’s going to end anytime soon. we are having a presentation by 8:00 and the necessary documents for the presentation are with me. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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this project is a necessity for us to land a multi-million-dollar contract with a new client.

I’ve been at this job for for years now. all those years I’ve try to be as early as possible.

dad suddenly had an attack last night which made me spent my night awake while watching him at the hospital. I didn’t even have the opportunity to go home and change my clothes. i’m still on the one from yesterday.

mr lamant would never understand any of this. under the best of time I’ve found him intimidating and provocative but this now is a catastrophe.

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mr lamant spent a considerable amount of time and money preparing the document with me for one of the company’s largest potential client. this deal alone could provide enough to cover a year’s salary for all the employees. maybe more here I am running late.

i checked the time once again. 7:52

eight more minutes to go and I at still have over 30 miles to the company.

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i jumped as he shouts my name,gripping the document to my chest. mr lamant is in

the conference room already.

I’m in for big trouble.

although he have never pay me special attention, but I dream he will someday. my legs and hand tremble as I enter the conference room. the people surrounding the table are the clients.

I am met by the big bellowing, furious,yet intimidating eyes of mr lamant.

my heart pounders as he storm un my way. i’m the only one of his father’s staff he didn’t sack when he took over three years ago and I have no idea why. “Cara..”he whispers when he was close.

“what the hell is wrong with you? you were late again and you supposed to have this presentation on the table before anyone arrived”

I tried to find my words….. at least give an explanation but he snatched the

documents from me.

he opened the folder

and bring out the documents. he gasps as he stares at them. I also couldn’t believe my eyes as I look at them.

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it has a splash of blood on them.

just then, images of yesterday flashes in my brain. how dad coughed blood when he had his attack.

I have no idea it stained the documents.

others in the conference room also watched in disbelief.

“it was an accident….. mr lamant, I didn’t….” his angry glare silenced me.

“leave right now Cara.” his voice is calm, icy. disappointment clearly shown in them.

it would have been better if he yelled. his disappointment in me is palpable.

I went back to my office, thinking of what to do. if I hurry, I can print another paper halfway in the presentation.

panicking, I rushes to the little printer on my desk and start to print.

“my office right now!” I heard mr lament voice behind me. my heart almost jump out of my chest. without delay, I left the papers on my desk and followed him. .









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