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A Walk To The Unknown – Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode 10

Bunmi’s marriage with pastor Shola wsd going perfectly and enviably. It was a marriage filled with romance and love. Their marriage was the talk of the church. Bunmi was envied among her fellow women. But one thing that bothered her so much was the way women still flocked her husband. She felt so restless about that but has refused to do anything regarding that so that she won’t be seen as an overprotective wife.
She felt bad each time these women drops for them stuffs like suit, men’s shoe and other items that are strictly meant for men. It was obvious that Bunmi was less noticed even though she was their new women leader.
She felt more bad each time these women enchants to her how lucky she is to be pastor Shola’s wife. Yes, she knew it was a position most of them envied to posses but they wouldn’t even allow her enjoy the position.

The only time she has to enjoy her husband’s presence is in their house, because whenever they step out together, he becomes the man of the people.
Whatever happens, Bunmi was ready to let it be so as not to be referred to as a jealous wife. Most times after Sunday service, she would have to sit alone in her husband’s car waiting patiently for him to see the countless women that wants to see him for counselling, prayer or commendations.

“Hello, good afternoon sister Bunmi,” Mrs Fatima greeted Bunmi who was standing by her husband’s car waiting for him.
Good afternoon ma’am, Bunmi responded respectfully.
How is our pastor doing? Mrs Fatima inquired.
“He is fine ma’am.”
Hope you take good care of him? All this modern ladies don’t know how to take care of their husbands again. Mrs Fatima said in a scoffing tone.
Bunmi’s jaw dropped in shock. “Like seriously!” She exclaimed throwing her hands up. “Excuse me Mrs Fatima, I think you should bother about your husband and children and let my husband be!”
Bunmi hissed lightly and entered her husband’s car in anger.

Pastor Shola was just the perfect husband until that Friday night.

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