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A Very Wicked Madam – Episode 5

A Very Wicked Madam – Episode 5 “(Final episode)

‘’where did you say you are going to again?’’ the officer at the gate asked

‘’To Akwaibom sir’’ I answered, my heart pounding fast.

‘’where are you coming from?’’ he asked curiously

‘’from my aunt’s house. I ran away and want to go home. I have no money and the woman across the street told me, some officers are going to my state. I want to follow them’’ I nervously explained while he summoned more officers to come and listen. I was forced to narrate my story and the reason I was running away. In few seconds almost all the officers in that station surrounded me to listen to my story. All I wanted was just a ride to Akwaibom but instead they began questioning me over and over and at a  point I began to cry.

‘’I just want to go home please will you help me?’’ I pleaded.

‘’first you have to eat’’ a female officer finally said as she took me to an office. I was soon offered a big plate of rice with meat which really left me stunned as I wondered if the food was meant for me because the last time I ate such big food with meat was when I was in my village.

‘’you have to take us to your uncle and aunty’’ the female police officer said after I was done eating. I froze with shock. I quickly knelt down.

‘’please don’t send me back there. They will kill me for running away. They said I’m a thief and bad person. I don’t want to go back. I only want to go home’’ I pleaded and cried.

But my cries and pleas fell on deaf ears, around 7pm that evening I was escorted back home with about ten police officers and three police vans. But instead of dropping me in the house, they handcuffed my uncle and aunty, threw them into their van and together we headed back to the station. I didn’t understand what was happening or why they handcuffed them. I kept staring around helplessly wondering what I had done this time around and scared that I had taken things too far. I couldn’t imagine the punishment that awaited me this time around.

All I wanted was just to go home but it appeared as If I was entering more problems. It ended up not being  a small case for my uncle, the police blew it out of proportion and  it spread all over social media. Almost every newspaper carried my image with the caption *I WANT TO GO HOME*. The wife of my state governor soon showed interest in the case and before I could even understand everything my aunt and her husband were remanded in prison. 

All I wanted was to go home to my family but my action ended up putting my aunty and her husband behind bars. However they ended up taking a plea bargain and my Aunt ended up in prison while her husband was let go but by then he already lost his job. 

I was given scholarship by Akwa ibom state government and that was how my Lagos journey ended.

Till today I still have nightmares but I give God the glory for saving my life. Please dear guardians and parents, those of us coming from a less privileged home are no different from your children. If you can’t treat us well, leave us with our parents.

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