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A Trip To Knt – Season 1 Episode 9 [Completed]

Last episode

I was shocked with what damilola told me, she have what!? Oh God. Which kind wahala did I put myself into now? My dad send me here for holiday, instead of me to spend my days here without bringing trouble on myself, see how things have turn a part.

Damilola told me she have these kind of diseases that she don’t know what kind is it, she said her doctor told her not to have sex with anyone or let her blood contact with anyone, but the moment she saw me in the club that night she likes me and she was drunk. I was like I wish I’m the one in charge of thunder, i swear I will strike this girl to death( I hate what I hate).

damilola: I don’t know how I came to you and ask you of dancing with me and when you asked me if I will follow you home, I like you so I said yes and before I knew it, we are already having sex and I decided to enjoy cuz its long since I had sex.

Me: what are you even saying? You mean you don’t even know the kind of diseases you have in you and you force me in having sex with you

Damilola: what? I don’t force ,you are the one who ask me out and I don’t resist

Me: damilola you have ruin my life,oh God, forgive me, I’m really sorry please God don’t let me have this unknown diseases. I promised never to have anything to do with any girl again please God, save me from this problem God.

I was saying this silently when I heard a voice asking me if I’m OK.i looked up and it was Bukola, she asked me if was about what she told me that keep me thinking like this? She looked at damilola and asked me who she was.

Me: she just a friend… Please can you move to the other side we have something to discuss, I will get back to you please(referring to damilola)

Damilola: so I’m just a friend after you have sex with me…hmmm…madam (referring to Bukola) this idiot have sex with me and never mind calling nor checking on me and have been looking for him to go and do checkup for…

Bukola: check up?? Eeh? For what?Eem when did you guys have sex..I mean when did you guys meet? (With a shaking voice)

Damilola told her and she was like what the f–k?? You this idiot..oh my life, chiller have kobalize me o( put her in trouble)

People have started looking at our table because Bukola is making much noise…I plead them to let go my place to talk about it and they all agree(people have stated gisting about us, which some thinks its either I’m with my side chick which my girlfriend catch us or the bla bla bla which I don’t care of)

We reach my place and I just lied on the bed thinking of how everything started, how my life will turn to if all these are true cuz I’m thinking maybe all this are dreams, one is pregnant and one with disease..oh lord help me out.

I was still in thought when I feel something down my governor house, I open my eye on behold it Bukola licking my governor,(I was like what the f–k) damilola was removing her clothes, I look at Bukola and she’s also naked, at that moment..the thought that came to my mind was..I am going to be f—-d to death cuz the look on their faces isn’t friendly.

Damilola told me to keep quite if I want to live and if I try anything stupid that’s the end of me..I keep quite and obey their command like a slave…. And that’s how Damilola and Bukola have sex with me to their satisfaction.

I was even thinking if Bukola have forgotten that Damilola have an unknown diseases. Just then they break the news of joy to me..

Bukola: hmm..Mr chiller indeed..well I’m not pregnant o and damilola was my roommate.

Damilola: we got to know that you f–k both of us and we decided to teach you a lesson.

Bukola: chiller..not all hole are meant to f–k..some can take you to your grave ( I was just looking at them like a dondi(fool) and thank God my first problem is solved but what of Damilola and her unknown diseases?? I asked them

Damilola: I don’t have any diseases and I will never have…it was all planned by us…

Me: thank you guys…I’m really thankful

Damilola: thanks for what?? If it was for me, I will have done more than this cuz have told her not to reveal the truth to you just to teach you a lesson but she said she really love you and she just want you to learn from your mistakes.

Me thanking Bukola for her generosity and promised not to be seeking for puna again..

They left that day but they make me promised them that when ever they are in need of me, I will always be available for them and I promised.

That’s how Bukola and damilola turn me to sex toy…Bukola will come today and damilola will come tomorrow and sometimes they usually came together…

When ever Zeenatu ask to come over I always said no and she left me for good..I don’t care about other girls when I have these babes taking card of my governor.

I spend like a month more before traveling back to Oyo state.

My trip to kontagora local government thought me a good lesson…

Oluwa bless Mr.chiller and all

The End

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