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A Trip To Knt – Season 1 Episode 8

I meet damilola at this night club, she was beautiful, she was blessed with both front and back and she’s amazing. She came to me asking if I will dance with her and I follow her to the dancing flour.

Damilola can dance die, she’s was just shaking those bum bum on my governor, I was so hard down there, I asked her if she will follow me home and she agree, before I know it, we are at home and I’m pounding damilola really hard, I don’t even bother to use condom cuz I’m 100% in need of puna.

Damilola slept over at my place and we do like three round before we slept off and in the morning after taking her breakfast she left.

The next day Bukola came over and we have another fuckiology and she also left the next day.after a month with my fuckiology wayof life.

The problem started when Bukola told me she’s pregnant and I was like eehen what concern me with you been pregnant and she..

Bukola: I’m serious about it and I don’t know what to do cuz I can’t abort it because I don’t want to die young.( actually she’s saying the truth cuz the last time she came over I don’t used condom)

Me: I’m listening, so who is the father of your baby then?

Bukola: see question o, who else if not you. You that I’m telling to use condom and you don’t listen and now you are here asking nonsense question.

Me: (I’m really tense, sweating like have run a hundred mitre race) Bukola dear..please what are we going to do cuz I’m not ready to received any babe right now, please help me

Bukola: let meet at 9:00am at the coffee shop beside al-mustapha school tomorrow.

Me: OK. Thanks ma, sorry I mean dear..(don’t know what to say…I’m really afraid of whats gonna happen)

The next day I was at the coffee shop ten minute before 8:00am cuz I can’t sleep nor do anything. I can’t even think straight.

Around 8:35 to 8:40 damilola came inside the coffee shop and asked if she could sit with me and I told her I’m waiting for someone and I promised to take her out the next day but she just take her sit and told me something which almost take off my breath

I’m really in trouble..

This girls want kill me with problem..

Me that always know how to handle my fuckiology way of life was now trapped between two ladies.

Hmmm what a bad luck

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