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A Trip To Knt – Season 1 Episode 7

I come across the girl I meet in the chemist shop, I think she’s waiting for a bike so I park beside her and asked her if she need a lift.

Me: gorgeous how are u nah

She: (I don forget her name, cuz I used pharmacy girl to store her number) I’m fine o and you

Me: I’m good, ehm..are u waiting for someone ni

She: no, I’m looking for bike

Me: why not enter so I can take you to where u are going

She: hope I’m not going to disturb you

I said yes and she enter, while we are still talking , I used style ask of her name and she told me.her name is Zainab.

She’s going around G.R.A(I change my location to where she’s going) so I use style ask her if she don’t mind me showing her where I live cuz I also live around here. She said Owk and she won’t take too long.

We drove to the house, I serve her five alive, she drank it and I told her I really want to shower cuz the sun is too much outside, she just nod.

I shower and come out with towel round my waist and water in my body dropping, Zainab don’t pretend not to see me, she starred at me until I asked her why she’s looking at me like that and she said she’s just admiring my body, she really like how I build up my body.

As a score scorer, I went close to her and told her she can touch it if she feel like, she keep robbing my body and the way she’s doing it shows that she’s on fire(mood) and I drop my towel intentionally and pretend as if I don’t do it on intentionally.

She starred at my governor, look up at me, touch it and it went down straight to her mouth(I so Much love blow job) Zainab don’t stress me to eat her totori.

I nak her totori tired that day before she left. And she came back for more.

Me coming to knt is a goal

That’s how I keep banging any girl I came across until I meet this girls that almost kill me
Mama of banging and queen of naking
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Mr.chiller’s story..

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