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A Trip To Knt – Season 1 Episode 6

I really have a great time with Bukola, she is really the kind of girl I like(when it come to sex ni o)cuz she know how to handle a man, have never being happy like this after sex before. If you guys see how she’s pounding me ehn. Lemme brief you on what happen.

When we got inside, she’s asking me so many questions about me, I answer some and ignore some cuz I can’t just tell her everything about me. We are talking when Zeenatu called.

She was angry that I haven’t called her since morning and I lied to her that I’m not feeling good and I’m sorry. She said it’s OK and we talk for like 10mnt, I’m about to end the call when she said I almost kill her yesterday that when she reach home, she couldn’t do anything , she said she slept like a dead pig. She said she will come tomorrow for my governor(d**k) but if I f**k her like I did yesterday she won’t come see me again(if she don’t enjoy it then why did she request to have it again,silly girl)

I disconnected the call cuz Bukola was looking at me like so you are this bad. Which I don’t care.I give her the that’s how we role wink and she smile, I pull her closer and I started playing with her hair, then lower to her neck, that might have arose her. She lean closer and kisses me, before I know what is going on, our cloth are no where to be found.

Bukola told me she want to be in charge, I allow her take control. She bring out an ice cream she bought when coming.I was just looking at her to see what she’s going to do, she come closer ask me to lay down and I did as commanded. She pure a little on my chest and started linking it, it felt so good, I feel like I’m in heaven, the feeling at that moment can’t be describe, she keep doing that for like 5mnt, she put my d**k in her mouth and wow! I’m already in cloud 9. I c-m in no time and she link it all. She said I should do the same to her which I did but I don’t go near her p***y cuz with the way she’s handling me, she most be guru in having s*x,she most be an expert in s*x.

After linking and teasing stuff, she command me to f**k her in doggy style, I f**k her in that position for like 10mnt before she requested for cowgirl ride. She can f**k in that position die, if award was to be given on that I’m 100% sure she will win it.

I c-m like three times she c-m twice, I told her I want rest a little but she no agree,she said her body is on fire, she plead me for one last round which I declared (cuz I can’t come and kill myself because of puna)she keep asking for one more round and I told her that my d**k is on strike, can’t you see its not that hard. She said she have an idea that we should switch to 69 position that she will make my d**k hard again while I play with her puna.I declared immediately(who she want kobalize? That’s how she told me to f**k her row, i did as if I don’t hear her and use CD)she get down on her knees and started giving me BJ, in no time my d**k is hard again and ready for another round.

I f**k her for like 10mnt and we both c-m, she kisses me and said..

Bukola: I will love us to be friends and to be f**king you anytime

Me : uhmmm, no problem nah

Bukola: thanks dear(she check the time and its almost to five(5pm) let me get going

Me: won’t you clean your self up?

She followed me to the bathroom,showered and had another quicky. She left at 5:20pm, she called me when she reach her hostel and asked me that when are we meeting again and I told her I will call her when need be.

Through out that week, Zeenatu keep coming for my war machine(d**k) and sometimes I also got a free puna to chop when my friends come home with their babes and their friend.

One Tuesday evening, I was driving to our family house when I came across the ch…..
Just pray for me not to die while chopping puna

Guess who I came across (wink)

I must score two or three goal with her.

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