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A Trip To Knt – Season 1 Episode 5

Bukola was the one calling, she was angry at me for not picking up her call

Bukola: hmm I think you are with your girlfriend that’s why you don’t pick up my call abi

Me: I don’t even know you called at all(actually she’s the one with the strange number which I don’t call this morning)and I don’t have any babe at this time.

Bukola: thats what you guys always says. And check your missed calls you will see that I called. Anyway hope you are not that tired this morning sha

Me: I’m really tired even I’m at home through out today, I’m bored

Bukola: you see abi, if you have pick my call ni I will have come play with you

Play with who??hope I’m not hearing double. I think its time to give this girl what she really want

Me: true?? How I wish i don’t missed your call, but tomorrow is another day will you come over

Bukola: im having class tomorrow but I’m going to call you if I got a chance

Me:(with baby voice) if you don’t come then who’s going to play with me

Bukola:babe don’t worry but tell me your address just in case I’m coming

Me??babe?? This girl sha, lemme handle you, you go know say I’m boss of the bosses, keep calling me babe till we meet

Me: I’m living at madawaki house at filin kwalo(football Field)

Bukola: so you are from a royal family, no wonder you look so…never mind.

Me: (laugh) you better talk now and being royal means nothing nowadays but that is not where you are coming to meet me because the guard won’t allow you to enter, hope you understand what I mean.

Bukola: I’m even about to ask before you say so, so where am I to meet you

Me: I don’t know the area wella but I think its G.R.A, I will text you the address tomorrow morning when my friend are awake (both of them have slept off)

Bukola: so you are in G.R.A right now or madawaki house

Me: G.R.A

Bukola:hmm keep chilling around o

Me: sha make it possible tomorrow cuz can’t wait to meet you

Bukola: bad boy..don’t forget to text me the address cuz failure to do so…you are ON YOUR OWN(OYO)

ME: (laugh) we are all in the same squad cuz you are also from OYO

(We laugh) She said shes feeling sleepy so I tell her goodnight and I slept off too.

The next day, I woke up, took my bath, eat my breakfast and chill out, cuz I’m here to rest not stress myself, but I don’t forgot to text her the address.

It is around 12:30 that she called and told me she’s on her way if i am around, I told her yes that I will be waiting for her(I lied to her, I’m not at home) I asked Elzeez to give me his car key that I’m going home for some stuff which he understand (I don’t want people there to know what I mean)

Thank God I drive fast home cuz its not up to two minute between us arriving(yes I know how to drive).wow she really look beautiful in her pink dress.

Me: wow, you look beautiful

Bukola: thanks, can we go inside now( i intentionally starred at her so that she will think I’m being taken away by her beauty)cuz you are looking at me as if you want chop me up.

Me: (for my mind)(before nko, I’m going to chop you noni)sorry come in

She went inside and she was like wow, so is this where you live. And I was like wow is all this package for me(wink)

(Oya nak am, nak am nak am…)nah Teri G song I played just to let her know what she came for.

Bukola go scrape back to her hostel ni o cuz I go nak her for all corner

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